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Daniel Stalnaker, 2/25/2015

The word "revelation" comes from the Greek word "apokalupsis" and means uncovering
or unveiling. The book discloses Jesus. The book of Revelation was written by John, one of
Christ's twelve disciples. God gave us this book so that the church would know what was to
come in the future.
Beginning in 1:11 Jesus picked seven churches out of perhaps thousands. In chapters two
and three we see the good and bad qualities and problems the churches faced. Many lessons are
to be learned by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.
Chapter four begins the talking about the future and does so until the end of the book
(4:1). Some incredible creatures glorify God and the elders lay their crowns down before God's
throne and proclaim God's worthiness (4:11). Instead of talking about the seven churches, in
chapter five, John talks about a book that is sealed with seven seals and everyone involved
knows that only Jesus is worthy to open them, which He does in chapter six. Chapter seven tells
about many people getting saved. The 144,000 people will come from the tribes of Israel. The
seventh seal is opened and there is severe judgment discussed in chapter eight and nine. The
bottomless pit is mentioned for the first time in chapter nine. Locusts go out and do not harm the
grass but those who do not have the seal of God on their heads. Those bitten will want to die but
will not be able to do so. Judgment continues to happen as 1/3 of the world will die (9:15).
Chapter ten talks about another angel coming from heaven holding a scroll and John eating the
book that was in the angel's hand. God gives power to two witnesses to preach and prophesy.
These two witnesses will eventually be killed by the Antichrist in Jerusalem and their bodies will
lie in the streets as unbelievers celebrate (11:7-10). After three days the witnesses will be
resurrected and be taken to heaven. Chapter twelve tells about a pregnant woman. The woman

represents Israel. A red dragon representing Satan causes other angels to fall. Satan does battle
against God but God's angels will overpower him and throw him down to earth. When he is on
earth he will try to attack God's people but will be defeated. Many people believe that this is the
time of the tribulation. Chapter thirteen tells of the Antichrist getting hurt but then is
"miraculously" healed. He gains more followers because of this and he goes on deceiving. The
people eventually make an image of him and worship that image. If you refuse to worship the
image then you will be killed. You must also have the Mark of the Beast on you if you do any
type of business. Chapter fourteen talks about six angels and the 144,000 sing to God. Angels
warn all that God's final judgment is getting ready to happen. The wrath comes by the angels in
chapter sixteen and preparation is made for the Battle of Armageddon. The one world church is
overthrown in chapter seventeen. Babylon will be destroyed in chapter eighteen and God's
people are protected before its destruction. The righteous will rejoice in Babylon's destruction.
People will rejoice in chapter nineteen because God was victorious. They display a spirit of
humility, fear and honor to God. Jesus is the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" in 19:16. Christ
destroys His enemies and the Battle of Armageddon is won and the Antichrist and False prophet
are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Chapter twenty talks about the Millennial reign of Christ and
the 1,000 years of peace. After the Millennial (1,000 years), Satan will test those who are still
alive, but he will eventually be thrown in the Lake of Fire. This chapter is a sober one because
those that do not know Jesus will stand at the Great White Throne Judgment and be cast into hell.
If your name is in the Lamb's Book of Life then you are saved and if not, you will be cast into
hell (21:8). Chapter twenty-one tells about a place being prepared for "His bride" where He will
dwell with His people. There will be no need for a Temple or a sun because Jesus will be there

and He will be all that we need. The final chapter invites anyone to come to Jesus and warns
against adding or subtracting from God's Word. We are reminded that He is coming soon.