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I am looking forward to beginning my teaching career in the Shenandoah Valley.

graduated from Mary Baldwin College with a Master of Arts in Teaching. My license contains
endorsement for K-6 and Middle School Social Science.
My current position as an Instructional Aide at William Perry Elementary School has
enabled me to work with upper elementary students and teachers. This experience has given
me the opportunity to build relationships with the students, teachers and staff. It is a privilege to
be a part of the students' education journey. Having the opportunity to participate in the
classroom, utilizing the strategies I learned at Mary Baldwin, has provided me with resources I
will utilize in my own classroom. Through their example I have gained confidence in dealing
with challenging behavior and effectively differentiating to meet the individual student's needs.
I have been fortunate to participate in tutoring in the Fall and Spring SOL academy. This
is a one hour tutoring session that gives the students the opportunity to have additional, review,
guided learning and practice on skills they struggled with on benchmark and unit tests.
My cooperating teacher, Amy Piner, expertly guided and encouraged me to use various
strategies to reinforce learning. Music, video, and hands on experiences kept the students
engaged and focused on the topic and increased student understanding. The students enjoyed
the challenge of making models to demonstrate concepts such as camouflage and the butterfly
life cycle. These authentic assessments combined with quizzes and unit tests enable the
students to demonstrate their knowledge with confidence.
A goal I have for my classroom is to provide a safe environment where students can
express their curiosity and discover more about the world they live in and their role in the world.
Teaching strategies, such as the inquiry method will create opportunities for students to
translate what they observe into questions, hypothesis and problem solving.
As a career changer with a strong retail management background, I understand how
important it is for our students to be career and college ready. The classroom is a training
ground for students to learn to be productive citizens. It is the foundation that builds skills that
will enable students to become successful in their future careers. I look forward to be a part of
their journey.
Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. I invite you to contact me to further
discuss opportunities at your school. I can be reached at phone number (203) 907-9420 or
email at georgec3785@mbc.edu.

Christine George