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Strategy Brief News Conference

Key public (brief profile including motivating self-interests): The news media that is motivated to get
a story, get the facts, and sell news.
Secondary publics, if any: Community members, the families and friends of those affected, who desire
updates on the victims
Action desired from public(s): To suppress the media frenzy by expressing that everything is under
control, to ensure that all 16 shooting patients are receiving the best treatment possible and that all other
patients are being looked after as they normally would be.
Location: Hospital multi-purpose room, close to entrance and cafeteria.
Setup: Podium with microphone, panel set-up with name cards and microphones. A lot of physical space.
Access to restrooms. Multi-purpose room located near all needed amenities and equipped to meet the
needs of all media types.
Specific Measures to Control Media Frenzy: There will be specific areas that media representatives are
directed to whether it be parking or the use of amenities. Can contact PR representative, Geoff Taylor, for
logistics. Hospital will still function normally.
-Nursing Administrator: Veronica Destro
-Physician: Emilee Wolfe
-Hospital CEO: Sam Petersen
-PR Representative: Geoff Taylor
Follow-up: PR representative, Geoff Taylor, will release further details to media outlets as they become
1. Primary Message: Present update of conditions
The two patients that died within our care: Due to the extent of their injuries, two patients died within an
hour of arriving at the hospital. The injuries sustained during the attack were fatal in nature. Six patients
are still in intensive care in critical condition. The other 10 are not in life threatening situations.
Due to the number of injuries, no one hospital can properly treat that number. Spreading patients across
four area hospitals ensured the best possible treatment.
2. Primary Message: Training and ability of staff
While we hope that an event like this never occurs, we train for such a possibility and make sure that our
staff is prepared.
3. Primary Message: We understand your desire for regular updates, and we will provide them as best
we can while maintaining patient confidentiality.
Details will be released by the hospital spokesperson as soon as they are available.
Our hospital follows HIPAA regulation, and our updates will be in accordance with that information.
Timeline/deadline: Wednesday, November 19th

Pittsburgh Canopy Healthcare Group Hospital

November 18th, 2014
For immediate release:

Media Alert
Hospital officials to address Pittsburghs movie theater shooting

The hospitals CEO, Samuel Petersen, the lead physician (Emilee Wolfe), nursing
administrator (Veronica Destro), and PR representative (Geoffrey Taylor will
address the media.


They will be addressing the media regarding the shooting that occurred last night
at a local movie theater in which 82 people were shot, and from those, 12 people
died. 18 were brought to the hospital.


1400 Locust Street. Take exit 379 on Highway 376. There will be signs on the
streets leading to the hospital. The news conference will be held in the hospitals
multipurpose room, close to the main entrance and cafeteria. Signs will be placed
in all entrances leading to that room.


Wednesday, November 19th, at 11 am. Rain is expected.


Information about the care of the patients will be released, as well as the
hospitals capabilities of dealing with 16 of the wounded.


Public Relations Representative: Geoffrey Taylor, Press Secretary, at 898-6467575.


Questions and Answers

PR Representative: Geoffrey Taylor
Where will we be receiving regular updates?
I will be giving our regular news releases and when needed will do short media briefings.
You will be notified as soon as possible before they occur.
What is the best way to get in contact with the victims?
We direct those questions to the PPD at this time.
Who were the two patients that died?
Due to the extent of their injuries, two patients died within an hour of arriving at our
Nursing Admin: Veronica Destro
Do you have enough nurses?
The hospital expanded last year, and now we have 250 beds. Normally, one nurse covers
4-5 beds, but due to this recent incident, we have doubled the number of nurses tending to
the wounded patients. Although this event requires more staff, all other hospital activities
will not be affected.
Are your nurses trained to handle this?
I have chosen the most experienced nurses in the hospital to care for these patients. These
nurses have more than 15 years in the field and have dealt previously with emergency
What is your experience?
I have worked in hospitals in South America. In poor areas in which we would often tend
to patients involved in shootings. I did that for approximately 18 years, and started
working here 10 years ago.
Physician: Emilee Wolfe
What kind of care have the patients been receiving?
The six patients that are in intensive care are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds and
other injuries sustained during the attack. The other 10 patients are being treated for
minor injuries sustained in the attack, but none of their injuries are life-threatening. Our
goal is to have those not in intensive care released within a week.
Two patients that died?
Due to the extent of their injuries, two patients died within an hour of arriving at our
hospital. The injuries of these patients were sustained during the attack. Despite our best
efforts, the injuries were fatal in nature.
What were their injuries?
These injuries were gunshot wounds. As to the extent of those injuries, under HIPAA law,
we honor the privacy of our patients.
Were you on call when the crisis occurred?
Who else was on call?
4 doctors total and 20 nurses, including Ms. Destro, were on call in the hospital that
Staff capacity that night?

Once we received word of the shooting, 4 additional doctors and 20 additional nurses
arrived within 20 minutes.
Who were the patients that died?
Our hospital operates under HIPAA Privacy Regulations. Our hospital continues to
respect the confidentiality of our patients medical information.
Mentions a specific name/celebrity.
We operate under HIPAA Privacy Regulations. If a patient or their representative has
requested that we do not release their information, we are bound to respect that
How prepared was your staff for a situation like this?
Our hospital has a crisis plan in place, including responses depending on the severity of
the crisis at hand.
Our staff undergoes monthly crisis training. I lead this meeting, which consists of
unannounced drills to improve response time.
How has this crisis affected regular patient care?
We are ensuring that hospital functions as normal. We have more physicians on call at
any given time.
Physical fatigue?
We have 100 physicians, 250 nurses on our staff to pull from. Still regular shifts.
Emotional fatigue?
We have counselors on staff that are prepared to assist in a situation such as this.
What qualifies you to be the lead physician in an emergency experience like this?
I received my degree from Johns Hopkins University and have worked 30 years as a
medical professional. Before coming to this hospital, I spent 10 years as the lead doctor
on an international crisis response team.
Hospital Administrator: Samuel Petersen
What qualifies your hospital to receive the number of patients it did?
Of the 23 hospitals in the Pittsburgh metropolitan our hospital is one of only a select
number hospitals with qualified intensive care units for such an incident.
How has affordable care act affected how hospital operates in an emergency situation such as
In the case of an emergency, especially in an event such as the this we treat the patients
first and resolve insurance issues later. We believe all patients deserve quality care. And
we work closely with patients and families to ensure they can afford the care they
deserve. The affordable care act has assisted in this effort.
Do you feel your hospital staff is qualified to handle this type of situation?
Most definitely. We have selected our staff, including Doctor Wolfe and Nurse Veronica,
based on rigorous interviewing and hiring processes. All our physicians and nurses are
highly trained and follow strict medical regulation at all times.
Who were the two that died?
Due to the extent of their injuries, two patients died within an hour of arriving at our
hospital. The injuries of these patients were sustained during the attack. Despite our best
efforts, the injuries were fatal in nature.


Contact: Geoff Taylor, Senior PR Director
Pittsburgh Canopy Healthcare Group Hospital Treats Victims from Local Shooting
Eighteen victims from a Pittsburgh shooting were admitted into the Canopy Healthcare Group
Hospital for treatment immediately following one of Pittsburghs most fatal shooting.
PITTSBURGH November 18, 2014 Pittsburgh Canopy Healthcare Group (CHG) Hospital
admitted 18 victims from a local shooting Tuesday, two of whom have died from fatal wounds.
First responders at the scene of the shooting at Scary Screens Movie Theater identified 82
wounded and transported the victims to four different hospitals in the area, including CHG
Hospital. Despite the best efforts of the hospitals emergency medical team, two of the 18 victims
admitted to CHG Hospital died within an hour of arrival from fatal wounds. Six patients remain
in intensive care in critical condition. The other 10 victims are receiving treatment for varying
degrees of injury, none of which are life threatening.
Our hearts go out to all the families of the victims of this tragic shooting, CHG Hospital Chief
Executive Officer Samuel Petersen said. We have great confidence in our staffs ability to treat
the patients admitted to our hospital, and we will do all we can to have them home soon with
their families.
CHG Hospital will release the changing conditions of the victims as status updates become
available and as the families of the victims allow.
The other victims from the shooting were admitted to three additional local hospitals, and CHG
Hospital has no information on the status of these victims.
About Pittsburgh Canopy Healthcare Group Hospital:
CHG Hospital is a leading Pittsburgh medical center, which has served the Pittsburgh community
since 1962. The hospital has 250 beds and an accredited staff of 100 medical doctors and 250
registered nurses. In 1970, the hospital formed a coalition with the Canopy Healthcare Group, a
nationwide chain of hospitals and health clinics endorsed by the Center for Disease Control
(CDC). CHG Hospitals specialized medical team is committed to providing exceptional,
personalized care to all its patients always.


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