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Brand Name Nursing

Dosage Mechanism of Action Indications Adverse Reaction

Dolfenal 500mg > Aspirin-like drug that has > Relief of pain PRECAUTION: > Assess pt.’s pain
analgesic,antipyretic, & including If rash occurs, before therapy
Generic Name: Form: anti-inflammatory activities muscular, administration should
Mefenamic acid CAP rheumatic, be stopped, > Monitor for
traumatic, asthmatics, possible drug
Classification: dental, post-op Hx of liver and kidney induced adverse
Analgesic and postpartum disease reactions
pain, headache,
migraine, fever, AD: GI discomfort, > Advice pt. not to
dysmenorrhea diarrhea or take drug for more
constipation, gas pain, than 7 days
nausea, vomiting, > Advice pt. to report
drowsiness immediately
persistence or
failure to relieve pain