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The morrow is Octave of the Holy Innocents.

Upon the same 4th day of January, were born into the better life
In Crete, holy Titus, whom the Apostle Paul ordained Bishop for the Cretans. Whe
n he had faithfully brought to an end (about the year 105), his work of preachin
g, he obtained a blessed death, and was buried in that church whereof the blesse
d Apostle had appointed him a worthy minister. His feast is kept upon the 6th da
y of the month of February.
At Rome, the holy martyrs the priest Priscus, the clerk Priscillian, and the dev
out woman Benedicta, who won martyrdom by the sword in the time of the wicked Em
peror Julian (the Apostate).
Likewise at Rome, the blessed martyr Dafrosa, wife of the holy martyr Flavian (m
other of St Bibiana). After the execution of her husband she was first sentenced
to exile, and then put to death under the aforesaid Emperor Julian.
At Bologna, the holy martyrs Hermes, Aggaeus, and Caius, who suffered under the
Emperor Maximian.
At Adrumetum, in Africa, the holy martyr Mavillus, whom the cruel President Scap
ula condemned to the wild beasts in the persecution under the Emperor Severus, a
nd who thus received the crown of martyrdom.
Likewise in Africa, the illustrious martyrs Aquilinus, Geminus, Eugenius, Marcia
n, Quintus, Theodotus, and Tryphon (about end of fifth century).
At Langres, holy Gregory, bishop of that see, famous for miracles (in the year 5
At Rheims, in Gaul (in the year 743), the holy confessor Rigobert, bishop (in th
e year 722) of that see.