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1, 2014

Ms. Selena Empey

3 Cottonwood Drive
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 2H9

Dear Selena,

I am writing this letter of commendation to you for the leadership role you have taken
with your fellow students this term. In particular, I want to congratulate you and thank
you for the workshop you facilitated on October 8, 2014 entitled Editing Literature to
Incorporate Mathematics Concepts.

Your workshop and the book you edited exemplified connecting mathematics and
literature through technology. Research tells us that: literature is a powerful tool for
engaging students; stories capture a students attention and imagination; and that
students mathematics can be integrated into literature.

You put this research into practice by creating a project and workshop which: took
advantage of students natural interest in stories and literature; provided a richer view
of the nature of mathematics; provided a meaningful context for learning math
concepts; furthered mathematical problem solving and reasoning ability; and further
developed students use of mathematical terminology and language.

I presented your project to teachers at MAMT (Manitoba Association of Mathematics

Teachers) at SAGE in Winnipeg on October 24, 2014. The teachers were excited about
the idea so you not only motivated your classmates but many teachers in the field.
Consequently, many young mathematicians will benefit from your ideas.

I look forward to working with you to plan a session to present at the national
WestCAST Conference in Saskatoon in February, 2015. It has been said that teaching is
sharing yourself with others! and you definitely accomplished that motto.


Sandy Margetts
Math / Science Professor
Faculty of Education