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If you are interested in sharing and

investing your knowledge to help us

build, please contact us via email.


The time is now to stand up and come

together to address our complaints and
suffering. We seek to find solutions to
the problems that persisit in our
communities. We believe it is time to
build a better world for our posterity. You
can be a part of the solution or a part of
the problem; which on are you?

MK Ultra

We are a group of individual that are

sharing and investing our talents to
empower and unite the Descendants of
the African Diaspora.

Research Topics to expand your consciousness

Who we are

Youth Committee
Information to awaken the youth




MK Ultra is the CIAs mind

control program used to
weaken an individual to control
them & use them as a tool to
relay their messages on a broad
scope. Think the Jason
Bourne movies.

Afrikan images of beauty vs.

European standards perpetuate
the white is right, black is bad
mentality. These issues, as a
whole, affects the self-esteem of
us, collectively.

Intimacy at the sexual level

intertwines ones aural energy
with the aural energy of the
other person. These powerful
connections leave spiritual
debris, particularly within
people who do not practice any
type of cleansing, physical,
emotional or otherwise.

As a people, we are
psychologically interdependent
on each other. Active aggression
against another person is in
reality an act of aggression
against oneself.

Afrikans who feel mistreated

and discriminated against are
more likely to abuse alcohol and
illegal drugs, and a new study
from Purdue University shows
this usage can become a
problematic pattern.

Afrikan American adolescents

and young adults have the
highest number and the highest
rate of suicide of any age group
of African Americans and it is
particularly the males that have
the highest rates

Teens who are engaged in the

community are more likely to
succeed in school, avoid teen
pregnancy and illicit drug use
and be more hopeful about the
America has a 400+ year
campaign to demean the very
existence of people within the
Afrikan diaspora. An early
factor of this was the Willie
Lynch letter, training us to selfhate.

True self esteem is when you

value your safety, your feelings
and health.

Movies are used to desensitize

us to the reality of our world.

An article published in Food

Technology in October 2012
explained that plant-based diets
either minimize or completely
eliminate people's genetic
propensity to developing
chronic diseases, such as
diabetes type 2, cardiovascular
disease, diverticulosis, renal
disease, gallstones, and cancer.
This is also supported by the
Another U.S study involving
half-a-million people found that
red meat and processed meat
consumers died prematurely
more frequently than other

For women, having multiple sex

partners increases her risk of
cervical cancer due to possible
exposure to HPV

Gardening increases physical

activity. It is a great way to
engage the whole family in
physical activity and a raw diet
is the healthiest way to live.