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ANGLAIS LYCEE (2"*/1**/Terminale) COMPETENCES LINGUISTIQUES (GRAMMAIRE ET VOCABULAIRE) SIMPLE PAST / PAST CONTINUOUS Exercice 1: Conjuguer les verbes entre parenthéses au prétérit simple. 1. | (hide) the chocolates from my little sister yesterday. 2. My father (feel) alittle sick a week ago. 3. The dog (dig) a big hole in the garden yesterday. 4, All those houses (burn) to ashes in the last fire 5. The big parrot (cost) a fortune last year. 6. Because of the injury, my leg (bleed) dangerously. 7._As | was running, | didn't see the log and (fall) down, 8. |(give) my mother a beautiful birthday present. 9. The girs (bring) sandwiches for lunch last week 10. They (choose) anice dress for pram. 1. (dream) that Diego wes in Russia. 12.1 can't talk. | (catch) a terrible cold, 13. My sister (find) cell phone under the table. 14. The boys (drink) a tworliter Coke after practice. 15.1 (hear) that Patsy is away on business 16. Are you sure Dana (forgive) her boyfriend last night? 17. My father (drive) so fast that | was afraid to crash. 18. Whose dog (bite) the pancakes that were on the table? 19. The Olympic Games were (hold) in Sydney a few years ago 20. When my sister went to China, she (fly) by hersett 21. The girls (buy) pizza for dinner. 22. That horrible man (beat) his dog in the park yesterday. 23.1 (get) a 10 in my lest exam 24, The little children (kneel) 25. We all (grow) Exercice 2: Traduire les phrases n°3, 13, 16, 17 et 19. down in front of the Virgin. up in Los Angeles, Exercice 3 : Chanson: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Cher and Nancy Sinatra) Conjuguer les verbes entre parentheses au prétérit simple. Bang bang you (shoot) me down Bang bang | (hit) the ground Bang bang that awful sound Bang bang my baby... (shoot) me down <>()<> Vacuna(b@) five and YOU... (DB) six We sau (tide) on horses made of sticks I (wear) black you (wear) white You would always win the fight <> [Repeat chorus] <> Seasons (come) and \ (grow) up | (call) you mine (change) the time You would always laugh and say Remember when we used to play <> [Repeat chorus] <> Music .........» (play) and people (sing) Just for me the church bells... (Fing) After echoes from a gun We both (vow) that we'd be one <> Now you're gone | don’t know why Sometimes | cry You (not say) good bye YOU ....nun(not take) the time to lie <>()<> [Repeat chorus] Exercice 4: Classer les verbes réguliers selon leur prononciation. loved painted - joined ~ mixed — worked — jumped — decided ~ topped ~ mended — kissed — divided — lasted— killed ~ pointed ~ washed — liked ~ laughed ~ parked ~ equipped ~ judged ~ escaped ~ watched ~ lingered ~ recorded ~ missed ~ remembered — hunted - played - phoned - walked [id] [t] [a] Exercice 5 : Conjugue les verbes entre parenthéses au PRETERIT SIMPLE ou au PRETERIT BE+ING selon le cas, 1) | (to surf) the internet when | (to hear) a big noise in the neighbourhood. 2) | (to come) back home early, (to take) an aspirin and (to go) to bed because | (to be) too tired! 3) My parents (to drive) home when they (to have) an accident on the highway. 44) He (to run) in the park when he (to meet) his farmer colleague Joe. 5) Jack (to repaint) the garden gate while | (to maw) the grass PRESENT PERFECT Exercice 6 : Conjuguer les verbes entre parentheses au PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE. 1) I (to live) in Martinique since 1988 2) He (not to have) problems with my colleagues so far. 3) We (to water) the plants and (to feed) the dogs. 4) They (to send) an email to Kate. 5) He (to work) in this company for twenty years. 6) | (not to read) a book for ages 7) She (to kiss) her kids goodnight. 8) Stephen King (to write) many books since the 70s. Exercice 7: Complete les phrases suivantes 4 l'aide de FOR ou SINCE. 1) Kelly hasn't seen Fred Jasper's wedding 2)Ihaven't drunkabeer___ages! 3) They have been working on this fle__this morning, 4) He has been living in Guadeloupe __1977. 5) Ihave been waiting for him ___two o'clock. 6) Albert has been listening to music__two hours. 7) Wiliam and Beth have been using Facebook five years now. 8) Mike hasn't called his mather along time,