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Final Portfolio

Requirements & Grading Rubric

For this final assessment you will be held responsible for demonstrating your developing
understanding of maps. The purpose of this assignment if for you to understand how your knowledge
of maps grew, and to document that growth.
It is up to you to choose three pieces of work from this unit that you believe best demonstrate your
growth in understanding. These three items may be from any day and any learning activity we did as a
class. Together, these three artifacts should represent a timeline showcasing how your understanding of
maps progressed.
With these three items you may choose to do either of the following:
- Write a traditional 5-7 sentence paragraph explaining how these artifacts demonstrate your
developing understanding of maps.
- Write an index card and attach it to each artifact with an explanation of how this artifact
demonstrates your developing understanding of maps.
- Questions to consider when answering:
o What did I learn from this activity?
o What concept did this map help me understand?
o How does this artifact show my original understanding of maps OR how I learned
something new?
Besides these three artifacts you also must include the following items:
- Your final map
- Your final map explanation
Possible Portfolio Items
Kimball Town Map Activity Worksheet Compass Rose Activity
Your Map of the Yard
Map Types Analysis Worksheet
Presentation Notes
Venn Diagram Map Analysis Worksheet
Original Map Understanding Chart
Map Key Analysis Worksheet
Presentation Notes
Grading Rubric

Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio

Final Map

Final Map

Final Map

The final
contains three
artifacts that
together show a
progression of

The final
contains two
artifacts that
together begin to
show a
progression of
A full paragraph Part of a
or three index
paragraph or less
cards are present. than three index
The writing piece cards are present.
explicitly states
The writing piece
how the student
does not fully
learned from
explain how the
each piece.
student learned
from each piece.
The final map is The final map is
completed and
contains a
complete may
finished. Some
key, compass
part of either a
rose, and scale.
map key,
Significant effort compass rose,
was put into the
and scale is
present. Partial
effort was put
into the project.
All three
Most of the
questions are
questions are
completely and
completed but
information is
Significant effort still missing.
is shown in the
Student presents Student presents
their maps and
their map and
answers every
answer most of
question listed on the questions on
the preparation
the preparation

The final
contains one
artifacts which
cannot begin to
show a
progression of
Few sentences or
no index cards
are present. The
writing piece is
missing or does
not explain how
the student
learned from
each piece.
The final map is
missing or
incomplete. The
map key,
compass rose, or
scale is missing
or incomplete.
Little effort was
put into the

Teacher Comments

None of the
answers are
answered. Little
effort is shown in
the answers.
Student presents
their map with
little effort,
answer few or
none of the

* progression of understanding = The artifacts are from different learning activities and together demonstrate
student improvement or increased understanding of map knowledge. Not three artifacts from the same day or
artifacts that demonstrate poor work quality.