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Katie Bell

Biology 1120-Taylor

Bell Pepper Population



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1. My initial bell pepper had 300 seeds.

2. After 5 generations of bell peppers I had 2.43*10^12 peppers.
3. The graph shown is an exponential graph. The amount of bell peppers grows
steadily each year. If there were to be no environmental factors, the
population would continue to steadily grow upwards.
4. Possible Environmental Factors:
a. Climate/Temperature
d. Insects
b. Rain
e. Sunlight
c. Soil
5. Factors: If any of these factors were to play a part in the bell pepper
population it would decrease the populations in all circumstances.
a. If there was to be a drop in the climate, or temperature, it would be
hard for the bell peppers to grow. Bell peppers need warm to hot
weather to grow to their fullest.
b. If there is not enough rain the bell peppers will be searching for water
and the lack of water can affect the quality of their production.
c. Soil could also be a factor in the growth of the peppers. If the soil is too
hard and the nutrients have been depleted it would affect the peppers
as well. If there are no nutrients, they would have a hard time getting
what they need to reproduce.
d. There are several types of infesting bugs that could affect the
population of the peppers. A major destroyer is the pepper weevil. It
buries itself into the peppers stems and cuts all paths that would bring
nutrients to the new growing peppers.
e. If the pepper plant was to be planted somewhere where there is not
enough sunlight it would also affect the plants. Sunlight helps plants go

Katie Bell
Biology 1120-Taylor
through photosynthesis which helps the reproduction cycle happen
over and over.