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Site/Supervisor Evaluation Form (Completed by intern at the end of each rotation) Intem: Stau Cet Facilty/Rotation: INT - Wellness Please evaluate the performance of the site/supervisor in this rotation. Use of this form is to help the site supervisor to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The sites/supervisors will not receive this form, but a summary of all the comments gathered Donley te ex@ent at Copnrbig ease oa ; She ir very Skilled at Keeping the AisCocsiim én FopC by Gently guiding the patent back in thay nek off LOUYe. The is excellent OF retiering & Pes cliet Hx aindl Competing O Aomhonal assessment he coes Nok over whuln tHe pakmet wingevrranmn. Ashley bolas pelahin Shu? Steadily over ‘ grime “Buideng + 2ncowaging h# ponent, She 16 wondartel 0+ geting pts to > pnbir Mm Ooass t mal) sure they ye + athiuable, he provides More tan adequate Rt ucanimn + counsel 4y the pt on Noo 4 acheire Hur Goat. Weakness of Site/Supervisor: Limited vay thy of chieare staeg WERE Oh verve Whie T was {hove ~ Overall Evaluation: The ste wos wodertu| OS An example OF & Mivoue PACH. + Getto Hea openly Hie benebts hve aspeds of operating NNeQ a . fileoa on Your ow Cre NasMalo ’ What suggestions do you feel would be beneficial in preparing you for this site: — Qevind Key Uncepk in Sports ape n Ox ertire anne ads (diets, Supplements, ao ed dre vnowredopsbre whan Clienb bANG HEM DP: