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Community Workers and Their Tools

Teacher: Crystal Hampson




Grade: Kindergarten

Content and Standards:

California Common Core: Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse
partners about kindergarten topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger
California Common Core: Describe familiar people, places, things, and events and, with
prompting and support, provide additional detail
Students are familiar with community workers and how they help our community.
Instructional Objective:
Students will be able to identify objects that community workers use in order to help our
Instructional Procedures:
Begin by having chart paper out in order to do a KWL chart with students. Ask students
what they know about community helpers. Write these under the K part of the chart.
Ask students what they want to learn about community workers. Write these under the
W part of the chart. Explain that when we are finished we will fill in the last part of the
chart with what we learned.
Review who our community workers are. Explain that each table has a different object
on it. Explain that at their tables students will talk about the objects found at their tables.
Explain that these objects are used by community workers. Explain that students will
talk about which community worker might use the tool at their table and what they might
use the tool for. Allow students to explore for little bit and then bring them back to the
rug. Explain that we will be looking at a PowerPoint in order to talk about the different
objects. Show a PowerPoint with a picture of a tool. Ask students who had this object at
their table which community worker they thought used this object and what they used it
for. Ask the other students if they agree or disagree. On the next slide should show
students the correct answer. Continue doing this with all the tools.
Ask students what they have learned. Write their answers under the L part of the chart.
Explain that we will be doing a writing about students being a community worker for a
day soon and that they can use what they learned today in their writing.
Materials and Equipment:
Chart Paper, tools (chalk- teacher, Mail envelope- Mailman, plane- pilot, camouflaged
hat- soldier, baking utensils- baker)
Observation of student discussion and rug time, Learned section on KWL chart
Working with partners of different learning levels at tables, pictures and words together
on powerpoint, draw pictures on KWL chart


PowerPoint presentation (computer)
Observation, Learned section of KWL chart