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“Under Jurisdiction of Nagpur Court Only” ene 3 I z 7, (SRA BA FT 5 z > . arerseitres (Persea. Faro) 4, ws WESTERN COALFIELDS LTD. ar aretera oe (AGovt. of India Undertaking) Office of the General Manager (S&M). pe ________ i _op a aston. fist araltera < ater ete, FART aIge, ATT Weeot ] Registered Office: Coal Estate, Civil Lines, Nagpur 440 001 Bese a FAX MESSAGE FOR : CGM/GM, CChandrapur/Ballarpur/Wani/Wani North/Majri/Nagpur/Umrer/Pench/KanharvPathakhera Areas, WCL ‘Sub : Revision of coal price w.c.f. 00:00 hours of 17.12.2013. Enclosed please find herewith the revised Coal Price Notification No.CIL/S&M/GM(F)/Pricing 2783 did.16.12.2013 alongwith Annexure and No CIL/S&M/GM(FyPricing 2784 dtd. 16.12.2013 received under cover of letter No. CIL/S&M/GM(F)/Pricing/2785 dt.16.12.2013 issued by GM(QC),Sales & Marketing Division, CIL, Kolkata, in respect of Non-Coking Coal produced by WCL, which shall come into force with effect from 00.00 hours of 17.12.2013 where in , the Pit head price of Non-coking coal as well as the Sizing Charges has been revised . ‘You are requested to kindly advise the concerned to take necessary action. Encl : As above. TANTS, ops! M S&M) NGP/WCL/S&M/Coordn/\ @ \ 16.12.13 Copy to a MEA), WOR 1. TStoD (opm. .WCL. 2. TSto D(T)P&P),WCL. 3. GM(F),WCL. 4. GM(QC),WCL. 5. GM(F)SA,WCL. dee 6. All Area Finance Managers, WCL. S 7. All Area Sales Managers, WCL. 8 sh yor (SR CM(Opm/CommlyCMARS),WCL. ~~ — den ( v Se wit a request ip hoist the notification in WCL. website yy tS. Ne = . ee nia, \reow 22vizs38 (Cam (SAM) KOLKATA a2izs P.001008 Poet COAL INDIA UMITED ‘ ‘A Maharatna Company ‘Ph: #033-22202421 s SALES AND MARKETING DIVISION 22292425 oat of Apeejay House, B Block, 6" Floor Fax; 033-22172338 Moterg + 15, Park Street, Kolkata-700036 Ref : CIL:S8&M:GM()Pricing: 2785 ‘Date: 16" Dee. 2013 ‘To ‘The Chairman-cumn-Managing Director, ECL-Sancioria / BCCL-Dhanbad /CCL-Ranchi/SECL-Bilaspur NCL-Singraoli / MCL-Sambalpur / WCL- Nagpur Dear Sit, Endosed please find Coal Price Notification No. CIL: SM: GM(®): Pricing 2789 dated 16* Dee. 2013 tnd Price Notification No. CILS&M:GM@):Pricing 2764 dated 16” Dee. 2018 to be ‘affective from 00:00 Hour of 17.12.2013. ‘This is for yous informetion please. ‘Yours faithfully, General (QC) 3 Marketing Division Encl, As above. ! Copy to: Dis(F)/Die(P)/Dic(T)/Dir(M) — CI. Kolkara TS to Chairmen, CIL, ED(Finance), CIL GM, NEC, Margaritha,Assam, GM G4), CIL, Kolkata, GM@), CIL, Kolkata, GM/GM(S82))) & CGM/ GM (QC) ~ all subsidiary companies of CIL, GM(Séahf), CIL, New Delhi, GM, DCC, Kolkata, ‘All Regional Sales Managers, C1, Kolkata Desk offices of all subsidiary companies of Cll. ‘chm (saMyROLKATA #2129 F.003/008 Sn. COAL INDIA LIMITED (Marketing Division! pitas 22293425 OF) 5, Park St Cares Ge. fax-i nian aai7298 ae 15, Park Street, Sees 7 T Dated: December 16, 2013 aS, sn rcs ofthe non-ecking cn! profuced by Wer Cosfls Lint fied on GCY bas a circulated vide price notification no, CL: SAM: GM(F} Pricing: 235 dated 27.05.2013 stands revised withthe approval of the competent authority. The revised prices are shown {in the Annexure enclosed, The prices as given in the Annexure shall be the Pihead Run of Mins prices for non-coking coal produced by ‘Western Coalfields Limited on Rupees per Tonne basis and ‘shall be applicable with effect from 00:00 hour of 172.2013. act nadtiles ‘General Manager Sales & Marketing Division as Pithead Run of mine price for Non-Coking coal applicable for Western Contfialds Limited. [pisad Ran ot aw pre for Non-totina esa] ‘Sectors other than Grade CV Bands eee Ce oarente | rower ties dora (icc TP), ei a Exceeding 6700 and not exceeding 7000 os Exceeding 6400 and not exceeding 6700 3690 3890 | 4 __| Exceeding 6100 and not exceeding 6400 3490 3490 os Exceeding 6800 Ind Not exceeding 6100 2800 G8 __ | Exceeding 6500 and not exceeding 5400 3920 G7__ | Exceeding 6200 and not exceeding 6600 1680 Ga Exceading 4900 and not exceeding 5200 1510 Go Exceeding 4600 and nat exceeding 4300 1170 4570 G10 _| Exceeding 4300 and nat exceeding 4500 1030 1380 | G11 _| exceeding 4000 and nat exceeding 4300 840 1150] G12 _| Exceecing 3700 and not exceeding 4000 | 800 1070 | G13 _| Exceeding 3400 and nat exceeding 3700 730. 980 | [1o14 | exceeding 3100 and not exceeding 3400 670 890 G15 _| Exceeding 2800 and not exceeding 3100 610 G16 _| Exceeding 2500 and not exceeding 2800 550 fae eee = =| * For GCV exceeding 7000 Kealkg, the price shall be Increased by Re. 150V- per tonne over and above the price applicable for GCV band exceeding 6700 but not exceeding 7000 Keal/Kg, for increase in GCV by every 100 Keal/Kg oF part thereof (G2). wly ng SOR, ibiitng Divison ak 3 (Mai Divi ¢ , 22293425 { zg if ppeetiy noe Bsicck, 6" Floor, ; Phgner — 2A 738 Pi 15, Park Street, Calcutta 700 O16. ¢ ita: con Dated: December 16, 2013 ‘Toe price elements a sl, no. 3 1 6 as are prvently applicable in tas ofthe price notification circulated vide ref, no, CiL: S&M: GM(F}: Pricing: 235 dated 27.05.2013 read with coal price notification clroulated vide ref, no. CiL: S&M: GM(F}: Pricing: 1907 dxted 26.02.2011 stands revised. The price elements es mentioned in sl, no, 3 to 6 are revised and replaced with the following and shall be applicable ‘with effeot from 00:00 hour of 17 December, 2013. 3, Where the top size is being limited to any maximunn limit within the range of 200 mm ~ 250 mam ‘through manual feclities or mechanical means, « charge at the rate of Rs.51.00 per tonne will be levied, in addition to the price applicable for Run of Mine coal. ‘4. Where the top size is being limited to 100 mm through manual facilities or mechanical means, « charge at the rate of R3.79.00 per tonne will be levied, in addition to the price applicable for Run of Mins veal. s 5. Whore the top size is being limited to $0 mm through manual facilities or mechanisal means, charge ut the rate of Rs,100.00 per tonne will be levied, in addition to the price applicable for Run of Mine coal. 6. Where coal is fonded, either into Indian Railways system or into the purchasers? own system of transport, through high capacity loading system with a nominal capacity of 3500 tonnes per hour ‘or more, additional charge of Rs. 26,00 per tonne shall be levied for such loading. M.S. 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