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Johari Window—Post-MBTI

Known to Self Unknown to Self

1: Public Area 2: Blind Area The Johari Window:
Reflecting on what you shared today,
Known to Others

write in the Public Area (1) what you

knew about yourself and thought others
knew as well that you shared. Include
items that potentially at the beginning of
the day were in the Hidden Area (3) but
that you shared with others.

In the Hidden Area (3), write anything

that you knew about yourself that was
affirmed through the MBTI, Kolb
Learning Style, or other activities, but
that you did not share with others or
seems to be unknown to the rest of the
3: Hidden Area 4: Unknown staff.

In the Blind Area (2), things known to

others, but unknown to you, write down
Unknown to Others

any “Ah-Ha” moments, or things that

you realized about yourself through the
day’s activities and reflections.

Finally, in the Unknown Area (4) write

down any questions you have that re-
main that you would like to know and
understand better about who you are,
your role on the staff, or questions in
general that came to you throughout the