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Getting clear skin is one of the major things that everyone

wants to improve on to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Especially as we get older, so much effort is spent to achieve
younger and healthy looking skin. Although, not all are lucky
due to hormonal imbalance, unhealthy life-style, and
unhealthy eating habits. There are new studies supporting
pricey products but some would prefer inexpensive and
natural ways for clearer skin. Here are some quick and easy
ways that can be done to get clear skin:

Water. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Our body needs to get
hydrated, in order for our cells to function well and all the nutrients
will be absorbed so that, toxins will flush out from our bodies and
pores. Water helps skin look younger and healthier. There are also
water-rich fruits like water melon and cucumber that helps also
hydrate and clear your skin.

Exercise. Good physical exercises improve overall health and help

nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Your body needs to exercise
three to four times a week. There are 10-30 minutes exercises you
can download in YouTube you dont have any excuse why you
cannot exercise. Think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside.
Before and after exercising wash off to avoid getting acne.

You are what you eat. Good eating habits play an important role
in getting clear skin. The healthier foods we consume the more
fabulous our skin will look. Try to avoid fast-food, and sugary drinks
like sodas and juices. Water is much safer and healthier than any
other drink. Fruits and vegetables are good source of getting clear
and luminous skin! Eat also foods that are low in G.I. and rich in
protein. This helps you avoid mood swings and cravings, so you
wont just eat anything.

Sunshine Vitamin. The sun is a vital source of vitamin D. It

improves in bone health and over-all mortality. Just by exposing to
the sun for 15 minutes or sun bath you can already get the exact
amount vitamin D that your body needed. Getting enough vitamin
D also makes your skin look glowing and it prevents skin
pigmentation. The best time to do sun bathing or even take a walk
in the park is from 6 9 am in the morning.

Long Hot Showers. These are bad for the skin. It affects the
outermost layer which is the epidermis that helps the skin to stay
moist. Losing the natural moisture will lead to dry and irritated skin.

Beauty Sleep. Our bodies need 7-8 hours of rest. During sleep, the
skin gets a lot of internal attention. It revitalizes and repairs your
cells in your body. If we allow sleep deprivation, it can disrupt skin
barrier functions that trigger eczema and atopic dermatitis. Proper
sleep is essential for healthy skin.

Good Hygiene. This is necessary to getting clear skin. It helps to

prevent spreading bacteria, diseases and body odors. Wash your
body from head to toe. Use soap that is mild for your skin and wash
your face and neck with anti-bacterial facial wash.

Relaxation. It reduces stress and prevents the production of

excessive oil in the body that can cause skin breakout. Try taking
yoga classes it is very good in de-stressing and treat yourself to a
spa every once in a week or a month.

Make-up. Never sleep with make-up on. The oil from our skin and
our make-up can clog our pores that build bacteria. Wash your face
before and after, make this a part of your daily routine. You can also
prepare facial wet wipes by your bedside if you are too tired to

Smoking. Avoid it, smoking can wrinkle your skin and show
premature aging on young adults. It will make you look gaunt with
scaly skin because the nicotine causes vasoconstriction that limit
the flow of the oxygen to the tiny vessels of your body.

Replace your make-up every 6 months and clean your make-up

brushes every 2 weeks. Bacteria can build up if you do not ditch
your make-up and clean your brushes for longer, causing breakout
to your skin.

Change your pillowcase and beddings every once a week. When we

sleep the oil from our hair get onto the pillow and our body
moisture while sleeping. Long changing of beddings bacteria starts
to harbor.

Take Vitamin C and zinc, or eat fruits rich in vitamins C. It helps your
skin look vibrant and glowing. Zinc on the other hand is good for
anti-inflammatory. It is also an acne treatment and has good effect
on treating psoriasis and neurodemitis.

Drinking alcohol will make your skin dehydrated. Drink wine instead
but in moderation. Wine can not only boost your memory but it also
protects your skin against UV rays.

Avoid using skin care products that contain harmful contents, like
alcohol. It will dry your skin specially if your skin type is dry it can
cause flaky or scaly appearance to your skin.

Do not prick your pimples; your face can harbor more bacteria from
your hands. You can use creams that reduce acne breakout.

Exfoliate. Your skin needs to be exfoliated to get rid of the dead

skin cells that appear on the surface of your skin which can cause
clogging of your pores too. Although tons of different products or
body scrubs are out in the market. However, you can actually make
your own body scrub at home where you can easily find them in
your kitchen. Such as sugar and epsom salt can be used as
exfoliating scrub, you just have to mix the sugar or epsom salt with
your body wash and start exfoliating. This leaves you with
smoother, clearer skin.

Sun block. Thus, preventing early signs of aging and skin damage.
Apply sun block cream with SPF30 to protect your skin from heat
exposure. Even light bulbs can cause damage to your skin. So Sun
blocks are not just for summer use but an everyday use. Choose
the best sun block product that fit for your skin type. Sun blocks
that are not too greasy and wont clog your pores and even have
mild scents.

Getting clear skin isnt that hard to achieve

and maintain. Just start changing your daily
habits. Soon youll achieve that flawless skin.

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