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conversacin bsica

Instructor: Peter Monahan

Textbook: I will create and present the text content via a Powerpoint presentation. A textbook produced by
faculty member, Ricardo Chama, is used as a resource for task-based scenarios. I will utilize a situation(s) from the
book for the interpersonal phase of this lesson.
Week: 5
Day: 1
Class duration: 75min
Context/Theme: IR A (destino + accin). The context of destination and action will be taught via the verb to
go which will allow students to express where they are going and what they are going to do.
Objectives/Functions: Students will focus on meaning
Learners will be able to interpret the information via
from a structured oral presentation introducing new
multiple skills: words, images, and actions
grammatical concepts and vocabulary. Focus on form is
(movement/gesticulation). A Q&A with class will allow
another objective, as students will hear repetition of
students to demonstrate comprehension (individual &
st nd rd
structure and be introduced to 1 /2 /3 person
choral response).
examples of the verb use.
Cultural Context and Content: The PPT presentation will focus on daily activities in Guanajuato, Mxico, Mi rutina
(eg: attending the university and studying; eating lunch; going to museum; going home and studying); the authentic
content will be presented in the first person with a bridge to 2 & 3 person examples. Differentiated instruction
will utilize visual input, oral phrasing and repetition, plus physical modeling of actions.
They know: Students know basic information coming
They need: comprehensible input in target language.
into this lesson and will have heard some of the words
Visual aids (PPT photos) will reinforce the learning,
prior to this authentic presentation. Students have been taking the students on a visual trek to destinations with
researching LatAm countries and building personal vocab related activities.
lists based on individual interests. They will incorporate
these resources for individualized presentation/practice.
Activities, Procedures, and Outcomes:
1. Students will hear examples of spoken Spanish to
7:00 7:10
introduce grammar in contextual scenarios in the first

person via PPT. Repetition of form will reinforce ideas.

2. Following the presentation students will be asked
questions pertaining to the content of the delivery.

Once they show understanding, I will engage volunteers

with Q&A to allow them to use the language that was

learned, combined with individualized vocab.

3. Third person Q&A to gauge for understanding and
increase collective vocab use. *When students dont

know specific details, they can ask for clarification.

4. Learner-determined extension: students will plan a
PPT presentation based on their research of a LatAm
country. *Individual or pairs. Students create ppt as HW.
Materials/Technology needed (and rationale/alternatives): the classroom is outfitted with the requisite technology
(computer+projector+screen); I will bring a device with the ppt file, and I will send it to myself as an attachment for
backup. This format (PPT) allows the students to learn new concepts while being relocated in an authentic
environment. This foundation will allow them to simulate real-world tasks, driven by personal interests, while
exploring new destinations.