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There has been a lot written about the UFO-Nazi connection. Some of the Nazi elite
are thought to have held the theory that there was a hidden race deep within the
Earth (the masters of the Vril [Agartha?]) which they could make contact with
through the poles. One of the early theories about UFOs was that they were craft
piloted by Nazis who had fled after WW II and made contact with this race within the
hollow earth (an idea that Ray Palmer, UFOlogy's "father," often assented to.) Today,
there are groups of neo-Nazis who believe that the different races of the planet
were "seeded" in various geographical locales by different alien groups, and
charged with competing for planetary dominance...

These Neo-Nazi groups are obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial "bloodlines" in
human groups. Many think that "star seed" people are descendants of the Celtic
races -