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Mzaliwa Bin Musaba

310-1 Academic Writing

27 January 2015
Artifact Analysis
Different organizations use different methods to assert their mission statement or
content, and its important that their material is suitable and comprehensive for visitors,
clients etc. A lot people do not think about what kind of medium or written statements
organizations use, they only focus on their content and what they are trying to point
across. We will focus some more on the how and why, and not just the what. When
focusing on specific social justice issues such as police brutality, in this context, it would
be wise to narrow down the overall picture/idea to different aspects. In this case, that
would be artifacts. An organization located in Santa Barbara, Domestic Violence
Solutions, uses their artifacts to enforce their main purpose. DVS are using decent
artifacts to bring forth their agenda; such as Facebook, newsletters, their About us tab
(which includes their mission statement, philosophy, and vision etc.). These artifacts are
very basic, but relevant if youre trying to reach out to the right group of people.
Artifacts are a necessity when trying to carry out an agenda that involves people.
It portrays very clearly that Domestic Violence Solutions are trying to reach out to a
broad audience when using Facebook as a channel to shed light on their program. They
have a goal to reach out to people who are, socially involved, in domestic violence, and
convince to show care and sympathy, and take action on the matter. Obviously the goal is
to lower, if not completely erase, domestic violence in our community(ies). DVS are
trying to stress the seriousness of the issue by using emotional and ethical statements.

Their Facebook page shows different empowering statements using respectable people to
enforce their itinerary, i.e. As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. today remember that
he taught us that violence is not an option for change (DVS, Facebook). This type of
assertion presents a form of an ethos approach, where spirit and culture are manifested.
Facebook is definitely a channel to express their emotional aspect of the issue; it brings
relevance, admiration, and compassion.
Other artifacts used by Domestic Violence Solution are the Newsletter. Through
this channel we get to see variations of occurrences. It could be updates on new policies
or reminders of different incidents. DVS tend to use pathos when communicating through
newsletter, they will sometime use strong statements that are hard to ignore. It is clear
that domestic violence can, and does, kill, as was so devastatingly clear to all of us
recently (DVS, newsletter). The writing style of their artifact are somewhat persuasive,
and build a sense of caring, for the visitors. Its an informative channel, usually for active
members of the organization, and maybe even for new visitors/members who whats a
little insight of what DVS has been dealing with. The newsletter contains of different
statements with different tones, genre, and effectiveness. Sometimes they portray passive
statements, reminders or updates, sometime powerful statements, bad or important news.
Probably one of their most important artifact would be the About us tab, where
they have written down their mission statement, philosophy, and vision. This artifact
contains of logos, pathos, and ethos, all three are necessary to get their point across.
Theyve written down logical informative statements presenting who they are, what they
are doing, who and what they are focusing on. They are dedicated to provide safe and
confidential shelter for battered women and their children throughout Santa Barbara

County (DVS, About us). The Domestic Violence Solutions mission statement is
factual, also comforting which make people feel that they have someone or something to
reach out to. DVSs philosophy raises awareness of what domestic violence is are what
needs to happen for it to cease. Although, they dont mention the necessary steps that has
to be taken to end domestic violence, does it at least make people take their ideology into
consideration. It gives a factual aspect, and emotional aspect, and logical aspect of the
characteristics of domestic violence.