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Patrick K.

Talreton Serves
In the Criminal Justice department at Tarleton State, through these
three classes, Intro to Policing, Management and Supervision, and
Ethics of Policing I learned many critical skills that I will take with me in
my future career. Amongst these skills I learned about Community
Policing. The idea and emphasis is to give back to the community and
to be a more active participant in the community in the police structure
within their jurisdiction. Through studying community policing I
discovered several key ways in which to give back to the community I
find myself involved in. I was able to take the principles of Service,
Sacrifice and diligent work. And apply them to Tarleton Serves.
When thinking back on course work I am reminded of my Intro to
Policing. For example I learned specific ways to get more activily
involved in the community I am policing. Ways to get involved vary
such as fundraising ideas and partnerships with community service
outreach that goes beyond the bounds of policing. My job as an Officer
in any police depertment goes beyond catching crimanls and keeping
the community safe. Im also called to give back to my community and
foster a relationship that builds trust among citizens and myself as a
leadership figure. This is a prime example of everything we strive to
attaint through Tarleton Serves.
Beyond my assigned curriculum at Tarleton State, I learned many
things beyond my Criminal Justice classes. An important lesson was
how to connect multiple outreach programs. Specifically when
attempting to partner with the Bosque River pick up and the
Stephenville City Council, I spoke to the council members and then
listened and took into consideration the goals that they were trying to
achieve. Merging the two ideas of what we both wanted to accomplish
proved to be complex but well worth it. When combining two
community outreach programs, two groups together brought twice the
impact to the community, which was my main concern. Tarleton Serves
is all about enhancing you community, and I now have the diplomacy
skills to do so more effectively.
Another experience outside my classroom studies, was meeting with
advisors of community project through Tarleton to present and receive
approval for community projects I planned and executed. An example
being the work I did with the local foster home on behalf of Tarleton.
Sometimes a community service project is not a group effort but an
individual one. Tarleton Serves is always about helping the community

in any way possible whether it be through planning or through a group

My understanding of the current need for more community policing in
the criminal justice system has helped to shape and mold the ways in
which I conduct community outreach programs. It not only takes time,
energy and management. It also takes a desire and understanding to
have the right mindset and heart to accomplish these great community
outreach programs.
A misconception of community service projects is that they will always
go smoothly and one will always reieve recognitition for good works.
This is not the case and there have been times when community
service projects have been very demanding or did not end up receiving
significant notice from my peers. Tarleton Serves has never been
about recognition nor has it been about the awards I could receive for
my works. It is solely based on those who have a desire to better our
community and come together to do so. The principles of what I have
learned apply to not only the confines of Tarleton but to the world
outside. We are called to leave the world in a better place than when
we found it and through my education and experiences I plan to do
nothing short of that.