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Hosea 1-14; Joel 1-3 Study Guide

1. During the reign of which kings did Hosea prophesy?

2. Who did Hosea marry?
3. What were the names and meanings of their children?
4. What did Gomer say after she could not find her lovers?
5. What will God say to them, which were not His people?
6. How would the children of Israel abide many days?
7. Afterwards, what would the children of Israel do?
8. Who did Hosea prophesy would fall?
9. When will the LORD revive and raise up Israel?
10. With what was Judahs goodness compared?
11. What does the LORD desire?
12. What will happen to the calf of Samaria?
13. How did Ephraim regard Gods law?
14. What had Israel forgotten?
15. What would happen to Judah?
16. What would happen to Ephraim?
17. Where would Samaria be carried?
18. What will Israel say to the mountains?
19. What should you sow if you expect to reap in mercy?
20. What would happen to the king of Israel?
21. To whom should we turn and what should we keep?
22. How has the LORD spoken?
23. How would the LORD devour them?
24. Why would Samaria become desolate?
25. What was Israel encouraged to do?
26. What would the LORD do for Israel?
27. What is right?
28. How complete was the destruction of their fields?
29. What were the priests and ministers to do?
30. What did the beasts of the field do?
31. What is near at hand?
32. How should they turn to the LORD?
33. Who should weep between the porch and the altar?
34. What would the LORD remove?
35. What would the LORD give the children of Zion?
36. What will the LORD restore?
37. Upon whom will the LORD pour out His spirit?
38. Where will the LORD gather all nations?
39. What will the weak say?
40. What will the LORD be to His people?