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HIED 4323/4324 Common Core Lesson Plan Format (Guidry - Revised 2013)



Teacher Name__________________________
Subject______________________ Grade level ___
Text page #s ___________
Lesson step
Description of Activities and Setting
Question script
1. Focus/hook and review
Bell ringer:
Questions for this
Review quickly previous lesson and CNN Student News
skills. Give meanings if needed.
I will review yesterdays lesson by:
Talk in relative terms. Use as
Review Imperialism
opportunity to engage/excite
I will engage them in todays lesson by:
students (hook).
Giving students a pre-assessment on WWI
2. LEQs: The question for todays lesson related to my central focus is
How did the causes of World War I affect the US and the decision to join the war?
3. Lesson focal understanding: The argument I will make today related to my central focus is
The US held a policy of neutrality until American lives were lost due to the war
4. Content strategy present new
The content I will deliver is:
Questions for this
information to students through
The 5 main causes of World War I
lecture; multimedia presentation;
The American decision to join the war
discussion; reading segment;
What types of
Policy of neutrality
jigsaw; etc.
weapons have been
Unrestricted submarine warfare
used up to this point?
Essential standard content
Total war is the channeling of a nations
What are the main
entire resources into a war effort.
AH2.H.6.2 Explain the reasons for
causes for WWI?
United States involvement in global
Types of Warfare
wars and the influence each
What does each of
involvement had on international
these words mean?
I will deliver this content using:
MANIA jigsaw activity: students will split
Must align with NCTES HS.S1.1
Evaluate resources needed to solve a
given problem and/or HS.SE.1
Analyze issues and practices of
responsible behavior when using

into home groups of 5 and the teacher will

assign each person a letter in the group.
From here, expert groups will form so that
1 ambassador from each home group
learns about a specific cause for the war
(Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism,
Imperialism, Assassination). Students will
research their cause and discuss how it led
to WWI and take notes using the graphic
organizer provided. Students will also
include a picture describing the word to
help them visualize what the word means.
Once all research and discussion for each
expert group is completed, students will
return to their home groups to teach each
other on the subject they just researched.
When the activity is completed, all
students will have a complete graphic
organizer with all notes about the 5 main
causes of WWI.
Google Slides

Vocabulary demands:
Archduke Franz
Ferdinand, Kaiser

Trench Warfare simulation (paper ball

I will help students organize content using:
Graphic Organizer Chart (see bottom of
Discourse demands:
Research, discuss,

HIED 4323/4324 Common Core Lesson Plan Format (Guidry - Revised 2013)
Wilhelm II, Balance of
power, Central Powers,
Allied Powers, Trench
warfare, Lusitania,
Isolationism, U-boats,
Sussex Pledge,
Zimmerman Note,
Gavrilo Princip,
5. Source analysis strategy
engage students in an analysis
and/or evaluation of a source
(primary or secondary, print or
media) that addresses some
historical event or social studies
phenomena related to the content
taught above
Common core or essential
standard objective:
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.1112.2Determine the central ideas or
information of a primary or
secondary source; provide an
accurate summary that makes clear
the relationships among the key
details and ideas.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.1112.5Analyze in detail how a
complex primary source is
structured, including how key
sentences, paragraphs, and larger
portions of the text contribute to the


Gradual release protocol ME

First, I will:
Review how to analyze a document and
give background information about the
Zimmerman Telegram. Review HIPP
strategy for document analysis
Gradual release protocol US
Next, we will:

Common core or essential

standard writing objective:
Write arguments to support claims
in an analysis of substantive topics
or texts, using valid reasoning and
relevant and sufficient evidence.

Michael Henry
HIPP strategy

Look at the document together and analyze

it for content
Gradual release protocol THEM
Last, they will:
Finish analyzing the document and fill out
HIPP chart

Is technology used in completion of

this task in alignment with NCTES
HS.TT.1 Use technology and other
resources for assigned tasks?
Vocabulary demands:
Discourse demands:
Primary source
6. Writing strategy engage
students in either a narrative,
explanatory, or argumentative
writing assignment or related skill

Questions for this




Gradual release protocol ME

First, I will:

Questions for this


Review how to write an argumentative

response to a question, including: stating a
thesis and using evidence from the source
and outside information to support the
argument being made

What are valid

reasons for entering a
What does this
document mean to
the US?
Why did this
telegram affect the
decision to enter the

Gradual release protocol US

Next, we will:
Discuss the impact that the Zimmerman
Telegram had on the US and American
entry into the war

HIED 4323/4324 Common Core Lesson Plan Format (Guidry - Revised 2013)

Gradual release protocol THEM
Last, they will:

Vocabulary demands:

Respond to the question:

Do you think the Zimmerman Telegram
was a good enough reason for the US to
enter the war?
Discourse demands:
Review, discuss

Sentence structure,
strong thesis, supporting

7. Assessment(s) for lesson (Must ultimately answer What did they learn?):
Informal (activities used for feedback): MANIA activity, questioning
Formal (activities used for grading/evaluating) : argumentative essay
8. Closure
LEQ: How did the causes of World War I affect the US and the
Have a summary of vital aspects of
decision to join the war?
the lesson, prepare for next lessonget the students anticipating what is
Other questions they should be able to answer:
next and check for understanding.
What were the main causes? What types of weapons were used?
What event led to the US joining?
I will summarize my lesson by:
Reviewing the main causes of the war and why the US entered the
I will set the stage for tomorrows lesson by:
Asking students how they believe the war affected the US