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Project Charter Enterprise Service Management Reporting

The project charter example I found was very simple and concise. It was done for
the University of California San Francisco by Jodi Muller as its project managers and
Opinder Bawa as the Executive Sponsor. The name of the project is Enterprise
Service Management Reporting which will satisfy or resolve the current business
need of creating a new reporting functionality that is user friendly and accessible.
The vision is to improve efficiency and service levels of ITS services and support.
Then the section of the Scope, which is divided in to In Scope and Out of Scope; to
a certain point in my opinion this section was kind of vague. Understanding that the
primary objective is documenting the business needs and justifications,
understanding the customer requirements and the new product/service this project
charter was written consistently.
Since this project charter version is 1.0 it means that the BA that wrote it
understood the requirements of the project but did not have that much information
from the stakeholders in order to go deeper into the objectives/deliverables, project
assumptions and Risks and Dependencies.
The section of Resource Requirements was nicely made in which he or she stated
the people that were needed, an estimated time period and cost. The High-Level
Milestones and Timeline consisted of the meetings and progress they had done and
what they expect to do until the Go-Live in January 2013.
The Project Team Roles and Responsibilities depicted the Team Members involved
with their roles and a detailed responsibility towards the project. Finally the
Communication Strategy that explained the meetings or What, Who is going to
communicate with who, When as in how frequent they should communicate, and
the How involving the format and medium or distribution method. I believe this
project charter is a good example but it definitely needs more insight.