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University of Puerto Rico at Bayamn

English 3104
Spring 2015
Prof. Davieliz Villafae Coln
Week # 1: January 21-23

Introduction to course
Discussion of class responsibilities
Fill out information cards

Week # 2: January 26-30

Review of the writing process

A brief overview on extended definitions
Exercises from pages 259-260 to work in groups and present at a later date

Week # 3: February 2-6

Workshops on the use of databases and APA references

Practice with the use of databases and APA references on your own in order to comply with a
class activity scheduled for a later date.

Week # 4: February 9-13

Peer editing on the exercises from pages 259-260

Oral presentations on the exercises from pages 259-260
Read chapter 22 as preparation for a class activity on APA style.

Week # 5: February 16-20

Monday, February 16, is a holiday.

Class activity on APA references
Read chapter 21 as preparation for reflection writing.

Week # 6: February 23-27

Class activity on APA references

Discussion on Chapter 21

Week # 7: March 2-6

Read chapter 16, which starts on page 263, to discuss in class. Come ready to discuss
chapter 16. Active participation is expected.
One of the following reading selections will be assigned to work in groups.
Going Graphic and The Blended Economy
Going Nuclear and Ten Reasons Why New Nuclear Was a MistakeEven Before
Teacher Natalie Munroe Has a Right to Call Kids Lazy and Rude and When Teachers
Talk out of School
A Carefully Crafted Immigration Law in Arizona and Immigration Policy Gone
I Have a Dream
For the rest of the readings, you will write reflections. Deadlines will be scheduled for both
oral presentations and reflections. Instructions and rubrics will also be assigned.

Week # 8: March 9-13

Discussion and class activity on fallacies

Week # 9: March 16-20

The discussion on chapter 16 will be finished.

Week # 10: March 23-27

Monday, March 23, is a holiday.

The students will work on the elements of an argumentative essay by evaluating Bottled
Troubled Water.

Week # 11: March 30-31 and April 1-3 (Research)

Holy Week Recess

Students will start working on their argumentative paper topics and the Awareness Campaign
research. Both topics (if different) have to do with social or environmental issues. Evidence
of a pre-writing technique and an outline for both topics (if different) will be submitted. For
the argumentative essay, search for no less than four sources. For the research paper, look
for 2 books, 3 articles on magazines, 6 articles on academic journals (using the UPRB
database), and 4 Internet sources (excluding Wikipedia) in order to start building your
references page for the research paper. Bring these references and index cards to class to
work on them after Holy Week recess.

Week # 12: April 6-10 (Research)

Students will start working on their annotated bibliography.

The references page will be finished. Include any other reference used for your work in the
reference page and annotated bibliography.

Week # 13: April 13-17

Research Guide: Chapters 20 and 23 (interviews, questionnaires, and direct observation)

Literature review and citations
Research Elements
There will be no class on Thursday, April 16, due to the Jornada Docente.
There will be no classes on Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18, due to the Justas

Week # 14: April 20-24

Results and conclusions

Finish final touches on research project

Week # 15: April 27-30

All of the parts of the research project must be finished during this week. If the parts have
not been completed, you will lose points from the research paper grading.
Students will work on their oral presentations for the end of the semester. They will also
start their reflective writing project.

Week # 16: May 4-8

All students will hand in their research paper on Monday, May 4, before midnight online.
The Awareness Campaign is expected to take place during this week (Thursday, May 7, from
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).

Week # 17: May 11-15

Reflective writing project is due online.

Group presentations will start.

Week # 18: May 18-22

Remaining group presentations

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