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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas

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Darsey Wegrzyn


Lecture-Discussion Model (L-I)


Is about

This is an instructional model designed to help students understand organized bodies of knowledge. It is designed to help students acquire
information not readily accessible in other ways.
Main idea


-It assists students in

integrating information from
a variety of sources.
-It exposes students to
different points of views.
-There are high levels of
social interactions so it
would most likely fall into
the psychosocial theory
-It uses what students
already know by building on
their existing background,
which is the Schema

Main idea


-First, the teacher must identify

the topic they want to teach,

Organized bodies of
knowledge work best.
-Second, the teacher must
specify learning objectives, it
is important to stay focused on
how the topic fits into the
larger unit.
-Third, the teacher must have
well organized information as
to enhance structure content,
matrices, tables, and
-Fourth, the teacher needs to
prepare lesson instructions,
including predicting what the
children will need more help

Main idea


1. Review and introduction. In this

phase, the teacher reviews
previous topics and presents that
advance organizer for the lesson.
2. Presentation. In this phase, the
teacher presents students with
information that makes up part of
an organized body of knowledge.
3. Comprehension monitoring. In
this phase, the teacher asks
questions to informally assess the
extent of the material the students
4. Integration. In this phase, the
teacher presents students with
additional information and then
asks questions.
5. Closure. In this phase, the
teacher guides them to review and
summarize the material

Main idea

Adaption, Assessment
and Motivation
-This method is used to
understand relationships in an
organized body of knowledge, but
with modifications it can be
effective for teaching concepts
and generalization.
-Involving student and group
work are great motivators.
-Assessment should involve both
specific topics and the
relationships among them.
- Asking students to organize a list
of concepts hierarchically is a
good way of assessing.
-Students are exposed to points of
views other than their own
-Can be enjoyable to students who
do not prefer to be active learners
and would rather be passive

So what? What is important to understand about this?

The teacher needs to know the content extremely well as to avoid issues when discussing and know exactly what she
wants the instructions to be and predict if students will have difficulties with it before she teaches the lesson