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Emily Shaffer


Period 2

Copyright Concepts
Visit the website below for an overview of copyright. http://www.copyrightkids.org/cbasicsframes.htm
1. From the website answer the following questions. Click to the right of the red arrow to begin typing
your answer (keep your answers in red).
a. When you create a sculpture for art, is it copyright protected?
Why or Why not?
Because its in a fixed and tangible form
b. What about a poster you make on the computer for technology class, is it copyright protected?
Why or Why not?
It is in a fixed and tangible form.

What about the title for the first novel you have written is it copyright protected?
Why or Why not?
It is title, not the novel. (But if they related to a particular product or service, they can
be copyrighted.)

d. Is a Trademark protected under the copyright law?

Why or Why not?
They are artistic expressions tried to the services or goods of a specific bissiness or
e. What about a dance you created in PE? If yes, how is it protected? If no, why is it not
Yes and No
Why or Why not?
If steps are written down or the dance is recorded, then yes. It would not be
protected if the steps are not recorded or written down.

Do you have to file for copyright protection in order to have your works protected? Explain your
No, the moment it is created in a fixed and tangible form it is protected, but if you
have filed your copyright, it could be helpful if you ever have to go to court.

g. If you wanted to register your copyright you have to fill out an application. Where do you mail it
to? Click here to find the complete address: http://www.copyrightkids.org/cbasicsframes.htm
Register of Copyrights, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
h. You created a publication in DDMP class this year. Your work of art is protected under the
copyright law the moment you created it. In what year will the copyright expire, assuming you
live to be 75 years old? (You will need to do several steps of math to find out the year the
copyright expires. (Show your work))
( Im turning 14 in 2014) So in 2075 Ill be turning 875. Then the copyright ends 70
years after I die, so: 2075 + 70 = 2145. The copyright will end in 2145.

What is copyright infringement?

Anyone who exploits any of the exclusive rights of copyright without the copyright
owner's permission commits copyright infringement.
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Emily Shaffer


Period 2

The Fair Use Act gives a special allowance to teachers and students concerning using the
creative works of others? Explain the four guidelines that teachers and students must adhere
to in order to not infringe on the copyright law.
1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is for a
commercial purpose or is for non-profit educational purposes.
2. What kind of work is the copyrighted work (for instance, is it creative or
3. The amount and importance of the portion used in relation to the
copyrighted work as a whole.
4. The effect of the use upon the potential commercial market for or value
of the copyrighted work.
They have it set up like that so teachers can use it to teach their students,
without having to ask permission for everything.

2. Use the handout to complete this portion of the assignment. Fill in the boxes for how much of each
can be used under fair use:
10% or 3 minutes.

10%, no more
than 30 seconds.

10% or 1,000
works, no more
than 3 excerpts
per author.

Illustrations and
No more than 5
images per artist or

a. You want to use something from a Government Document in your research project for English.
Are you allowed to do this?
If so, what allows this or doesnt allow this?
It is considered public domain.
b. Based on what you have now read and learned have you ever broken copyright laws? If so,
Not that I can think of.

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