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1. Prompt, courteous and efficient service is the first duty of every

employee, school
official and teacher.
2. Service in education calls for the highest standard of integrity and
morality. All school
official and teachers, therefore must conduct themselves
accordingly and behave
impeccably at all times- during and after office hours.
3. Set example of clean, simple and honest living as worthy models of
students and the
4. Perform your duties and function thoroughly, earnestly and to the
best of your ability,
demonstrating the high sense of responsibility and civic conscience.
5. Be punctual. Observe official hours an see to it that you always do a
whole days work
at least.
6. Observe discipline and respect for fully constituted authority. Abide
by rules and
regulation and comply with all instructions with all sincerity and as
thoroughly as you can.
7. Be just and fair in your actions and in dealing with your fellow
workers in making
decisions, be guided strictly by rules and regulations and the best
interest of the service.
8. Use leisure time profitably in worthwhile activity such as gardening,
handicraft and
cultural pursuits. Refrain from gambling or other form of
undesirable activity.
9. Set the example of buying and using goods made in the Philippines.
10. It is your obligation to improve yourself in the service. Seek to grow

11. Observe propriety, modesty, and good taste in your attire. As a

way of promoting
cultural value, encourage the use of appropriate Filipino attire as
often as possible.
12. Participate actively in non-official activities designed to advance the
goals of the New
Society such as movements for better nutrition, population
education, self-sufficiency in
food cooperative organization, and the like.