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STC01015 - Structural Design Criteria

STC01018 - Blast Resistant Building Design Criteria

STE01100 - Constructability Design Guide
STE02465 - Augered Cast-in-Place Piles Design Guide
STS02360 - Driven Piles Specification
STS02380 - Application of ACI 336.1-01, Specification for the Construction of Drilled Piers
STS02465 - Augered Cast-in-Place Piles Installation Specification
STE03020 - Guidelines for Tank Foundation Designs
STE03350 - Vertical Vessel Foundation Design Guide
STE03360 - Heat Exchanger and Horizontal Vessel Foundation Design Guide
STI03310 - Concrete General Notes and Typical Details
STS03001 - Plain and Reinforced Concrete Specification
STS03600 - Nonshrink Cementitious Grout Specification
STS03601 - Epoxy Grout Specification
STE05121 - Anchor Bolt Design Guide
STF05121 - Fabrication and Installation of Anchor Bolts
STE05501 - Fixed Ladders and Cages Design Guide
STF05501 - Fixed Ladders and Cages Fabrication Details
STF05511 - Fixed Industrial Stairs
STF05520 - Details for Pipe Railing for Walking and Working Surfaces
STF05521 - Details for Angle Railings for Walking and Working Surfaces
STE05530 - Grating Design Guide
STF05530 - Grating Fabrication Details
STE05535 - Vessel Circular Platform Detail Guidelines
STF05535 - Vessel Circular Platform Details
STS05120 - Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication Specification
STS05130 - Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Erection Specification