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Leonardo 1

Reflective Essay
Grade 10 IDU
Ibu Yanti Hendar & Ms Peggy French
March 6, 2015
My understanding and awareness towards the complex issues
around Human Rights and Fairness and Development is increased by
visiting the NGOs because I increased my understanding towards
the disabled people and their special school, I learned about the
discrimination that the people who got HIV/AIDS suffer, and I
learned that religions can bond together without discriminating each
The first NGO that we go is called Yayasan Yakkum. Yayasan
Yakkum is a place where they took care of the disabled people. The
disabled people are being cured for their sickness. The people who
got amputated will get a new leg. The leg is made of plastic and the
length of the plastic leg depends on the patients height. There are
also children that have a problem with their brain so they are
different with the normal children. The children are teaching to
speak; write and read just like the normal children. But because of
their disabilities, some of them struggle to learn. Before I go to
Yayasan Yakkum, I never knew that there is a special school for the
disabled people. But now, I know that the disabled people are the
same people like any other normal people. Theyre passionate and
spirit of learning makes me amazed even though they are hampered

by their disabilities. I think we should be thankful and help them to

grow and live just like normal people and not discriminating them
because they born different than us.

Leonardo 2
Bethesda hospital is a hospital that took care of the people
who got HIV/AIDS. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a
chronic immune system disease that caused by HIV (Human
Immunodeficiency Syndrome). The people who got HIV/AIDS will lost
their immune system so their body will easily infected by virus. This
virus can be transferred by sex and blood. At first, I thought that the
people who got HIV/AIDS are dangerous people because they carry a
disease that cannot be cured by any medicine. The medicine that
available is for decreasing the sickness and not for curing the
sickness. Many people who dont understand about this sickness
think that if we are close to the people who got HIV/AIDS, they will
also contaminate us. I also think the same way before I go to
Bethesda hospital. But then, I learned that the sickness will only
spread by sex or blood. So the people who got HIV positive are also
the same human as the people who got HIV negative. They still can
interact and do other things that the HIV negative people do. So the
knowledge of HIV/AIDS is very important to stop the discrimination
towards HIV positive people.
Interfidei is an NGO that made for association of different
religions. In this world, there is much discrimination towards

differences of religion and it is a very big issue. Interfidei is one of

the organizations that associate each one of the religions mostly in
Jogjakarta. From the speech that they give, I learned that every
religion is teaching their followers to a good thing. So basically
every religion is good and there is no bad religion. At first, I thought
that different religion couldnt bond together. But, Interfidei teaches
me that we can bond together with other religion without doing any
discrimination because everyone is entitled for his or her religion.
Leonardo 3
In conclusion, all of the people in this world are born free and
equal. There are no differences between the normal people and the
disabled people in Gods point of view. People with different religion
have their same rights as a human. So, we dont need to
discriminate them and we need to help them so they feel
comfortable with their difference.