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Sample Type / Medical Specialty: Gastroenterology

Sample Name: Colonoscopy - 2

Description: Colonoscopy in a patient with prior history of anemia and abdominal
PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: Prior history of anemia, abdominal bloating.
POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: External hemorrhoids, otherwise unremarkable colonoscop
PREMEDICATIONS: Versed 5 mg, Demerol 50 mg IV.
REPORT OF PROCEDURE: Digital rectal exam revealed external hemorrhoids. The colo
noscope was inserted into the rectal ampulla and advanced to the cecum. The posi
tion of the scope within the cecum was verified by identification of the appendi
ceal orifice. The cecum, the ascending colon, hepatic flexure, transverse colon,
splenic flexure, descending colon, and rectum were normal. The scope was retrof
lexed in the rectum and no abnormality was seen. So the scope was straightened,
withdrawn, and the procedure terminated.
1. Normal colonoscopy.
2. External hemorrhoids.
Keywords: gastroenterology, colonoscopy, digital rectal exam, abdominal, anemia
, ascending colon, bloating, cecum, colonoscope, descending colon, hemorrhoids,
hepatic flexure, rectal ampulla, rectum, splenic flexure, transverse colon, exte
rnal hemorrhoids, scope,