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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Title: Madam C.J. Walker

Name: Katie Glenn
I. Goal(s)/Objective(s)/Standard(s)
A. Goal(s)
Students can identify historical figures and be able to identify particular characteristics
that made them good leaders.
B. Objective(s)
Students will identify Madam C.J. Walker as a historical figure who started her own
business by examining her life events and work.
C. Standard(s)
Indiana Academic Standard: 3.1.4 Give examples of people, events and
developments that brought important changes to your community and the region where
your community is located
NCSS: Strand 3: People, Places, and Environments

Students will remain at their seats throughout the lesson, but they will be doing
activities to keep them engaged
The materials include: Social Studies textbooks, Madam C.J. Walker worksheet,
PowerPoint, document camera, notecards, and Smart Board
This lesson is expected to last 50-55 minutes (with flexibility based upon
student reception)
Management will be done by setting clear expectations, redirection, and strong
use of directives
There is a three strikes and youre out behavior system: 1. Warning, 2. Move
seats, and 3. Removal from classroom. Bad behavior will not be tolerated
II. Anticipatory Set
Short YouTube video about Madam C.J. Walker.
Give a short introduction
Say: Watch this video about a woman named Madam C.J. Walker. Pay close attention to
what kind of work she did, and what made her a good leader
Briefly discuss the video
Ask: What did you notice about Madam Walker? What kind of work did she do? What do
you think made her a good leader?
III. Purpose: Madam C.J. Walker is an important person to learn about because she is a positive
role model who believed that through hard work and determination, anyone can be successful.

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

IV. Lesson Presentation

Read 312-312 from text book (about Madam C.J. Walker) aloud with students
Say: Did you know that Madam C.J. Walker was the first female to start and own her own
Ask: What did you guys notice about Madam C.J. Walker?
Allow students to discuss this with me, then write key parts of conversation on the board,
focusing on character traits that the students discuss
Show short PowerPoint of the Walker estate. Emphasize in discussion of this about where
she came from (poor) and where she ended up (wealthy and successful)
Monitor student behavior throughout the presentation. Make sure that discussions are ontopic and that they grasp the objective.
Pass out the worksheet that students will use during guided practice and independent
V. Guided Practice
Explain that with this worksheet, students will be listing various facts and statements
about Madam C.J. Walker.
Write three statements with the students, showing them how they should be written and
modeling the types of answers wanted
Display these using the Document Camera in the classroom
Various answers can include: her product, her job, character qualities, where she used to
live, what she used to do, where she ended up, what she ended up doing, etc.
VI. Closure:
I will ask several students to discuss with me what made Madam C.J. Walker a good leader.
We will discuss this for a couple of minutes. Then, as the discussion dwindles down, I will
share the results of the product vote. I will write the results on the whiteboard. After I do
this, I will again explain the purpose of the lesson. I will say, Madam C.J. Walker is
important to study because she is such a good role model for you guys. She shows you that
you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you work hard.
- I will check for student understanding of Madam Walker before letting them do the
final part of this lesson. I will redirect conversation as necessary
VII. Independent Practice/Extending the Learning
Students will fill out the remainder of the web worksheet.
Circulate around the room to make sure that answers are on topic
VIII. Assessment
Formative: I will circulate around the room and to check if the students understand what
I have been teaching them. I will also assess the quality of discussion, and guide the
conversation in a way that they will understand who Madam Walker was.
Summative: Students will receive a formal test at the end of the unit about historical
IX. Adaptations:

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Special Needs Students: I will make sure to check over Lilys work more frequently and
to continue to redirect her if she gets distracted. She is capable of completing the same
amount of work with redirection.
Remediation: If students dont master the objectives, I will make sure that they
understand them by actively involving them in the discussion and explicitly describe
characteristics that made Madam C.J. Walker a good leader.
Enrichment: I will allow these students to describe their qualities that they chose for
Madam Walker. They will be expected to both list the qualities, and describe why they
chose them
ESL Not applicable

X. Technology Inclusion
Technology will be utilized in this lesson to support learning. The students will be
watching a YouTube video on the Smart Board. They will also be receiving some
information about Madam C.J. Walker through a short PowerPoint about her remaining
estate. I will also be using the document camera to model the guided practice portion of
the lesson.
Self-Answer Questions
1. How many students achieved the objective? For those that did not, why not?
2. What were my strengths and weaknesses?
3. How should I alter this lesson?
4. How would I pace it differently?
5. Were all students actively participating? If not, why not?
6. What adjustments did I make to reach varied learning styles and ability levels?
a. Blooms Taxonomy
b. Gardners Multiple Intelligences
7. Add other questions that relate directly to some specific aspect of the lesson.