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Many of our grade two students will be receiving

the Sacrament of First Eucharist during a special mass
on May 3rd at 2 p.m. at Divine Infant Church. All grade
two students will attend a church visit on April 28th to
learn more about the different aspects of the church
itself. Our Easter mass for the school will be
celebrated on May 5th during Education Week. Both
grades will continue with the Fully Alive and Religion
programs after Easter.
During the month of April, we will begin a unit on
fairytales (gr. 2) and fables (gr. 3) and hope to further
enhance the students' understanding of the beginning,
middle and end segments of a story. They will learn
about the different characteristics of fairytales,
legends and fables. We continue to focus on guided
reading and comprehensive responses. The children are
learning how to find information in the text which
helps to support the main idea or lesson. The children
are strongly encouraged to be involved with some
aspect of reading on a daily basis both at school and at
home. They are also encouraged to continue practising
the reading, spelling and correct application of their
word wall words. We will continue to have opportunities
to exercise the editing components of the writing
process for the remainder of the year.
In the subject of mathematics, the grade 2
children will work on lessons associated with two digit
addition and subtraction with regrouping. The grade 3
will continue to work in numeration with addition,
subtraction and multiplication.

Bring on SPRING!

Our last unit of instruction for grade 2 will be on
various aspects of animals. We hope to be receiving
chick eggs by April 14th, for incubation and hatching.
The grade 3 students will explore 'Growth and
Changes in Plants. They will be planting their own
seeds and conducting a variety of experiments to
investigate the different concepts in this unit.

In the Arts, we will continue to
explore concepts in music and movement. Our class
is also a part of an Arts Inquiry question which has
students learning about the different ways to use
grids for various art activities. We are anxious to
share our creative works during Education Week in a
school Art Gallery.

*Education Week will begin on May 4th. Look for
upcoming information on special events that week.
*As the temperature gets warmer the children get
the urge to take off their jackets. I will use my
discretion as to whether or not they need to
continue wearing them as the days warm up unless
parents inform me otherwise. Please ensure they
have a change of socks for wet feet days, as Im
sure there will be a few during the month.
*The students have been working very hard with
Ashley Wells, our coop student, on a movement
presentation. It is coming together and we hope to
perform it in some capacity in the near future.
*Thank you for your on-going support. Please do not
hesitate to contact me with any questions or
Yours in education,
Katherine Shaw