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How to Handle

• Often when we are in
the process of
communicating with
someone, there comes
a moment when there
is an awkward silence
between us.
Possible Reasons
• Perhaps he or she is being quiet because
someone in his or her family is ill, or is having
personal problems.
• In this case, you shouldn't take it personally -
give him or her some space.
• But, if you notice that this person is only acting
quietly towards you and not towards others for
an extended period of time then you may have
reason to be concerned.
to Handle Silence
• The way that we choose to
deal with such moments is
indicative of our comfort level
with ourselves and with the
communication process itself.
• We have prepared some
strategies about this
interesting subject.
Relax and Accept the
Awkward Silence
• When communicating, it is entirely
normal for natural silences to occur.
• In most instances, it indicates that there
is a real kind of connection between you
and the other person.
• So, relax and do not force the
conversation at that moment.
Ask a Question
• If the awkward silence seems to last
longer than you would wish, ask the
person a simple and straightforward
question to help jump-start the
conversation again.
• People always love to talk about
themselves, so asking questions is a
wonderful way to draw them in.
Offer Your Partner a Drink or
Something to eat
• If you and your friend are experiencing
an awkward silence, you can offer him
something to drink to help shift the
conversation toward physical action.
• Everyone enjoys the chance to breathe
and drink or eat with a friend.
Propose a Walk
• To deal with an awkward silence,
you can ask your friend if she
might like to take a nice walk
(weather permitting) or to listen to
some music you both like.
• Again, physical alteration during
communication is a nice way to
move past silence.
Create an Environment
• Create an environment where awkward
silences turn into opportunities for
greater insight into one another.
• You can turn something awkward into
something comforting by simply looking
into your friend's eyes and showing
acceptance and joy in the act of silence.
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