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sll, a aN =» rejinpaul.ceorrn “ue A) Rejinpaul.con Lmpportemt Quasttors For Nov/Dec 2013 Exeuny (Coramernv To AU Branches BE) Subject Name: GE2022 Total Quality Management Important 16 Marky Questions Unit I -V row With Us Unit lV Describe the sx basic concept oF TQM andthe various dimensions oF alt . Discusy the Deming’s philosophy for TQM tote briefly the barrier of TQM Lmplementetion, Briefly explain quality pluwming with respect to Juvan Triology 5. Discuss about Maslow'y need hierewchy theovy & Hergberg’y two factor theory for motwotion: . Dicusy about the system of recognition and rewardy followed iw an “gonigation. 7, Define Teamwork and. tty types: ste f Sucessful teams. 8. Discuss about the supplier partnership procedures end give aw short noteon vec ond provers of performawwce approusal. . \What ave the different ways of receiing customer feedback? How cre the vedback used? 0. Explain the different approc-chey towards Continucus Process Improvement xplain Severy new Management tools in detail 2. Explain about the sevew tools of quality and iy application w deta 3. Explain ivy detad about yu signee Explain the Benchinarking process in detail Wiv: organigation adopt tivis technique? >. Discus FMEA with objectives, process, outcome and benefity. 6. Explauwy the concept of Tagucht'y quality losy fraction in deta: Give ow recumple, Discus severv steps to implement TPM & Le.txplain about quality syriznv avd 19.txplain about the philosophy and the vequiremanty of ISO 9000 : 2000 O.Discuu ISO 14000 requirementy ond ity bonefity wv detail Discuss the umplementation of TOM wittr ov case wudy ts Lenefits. State the Characteristics cnvorgemiyatiow iv detail. ‘on