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End of Rotation/Exit Evaluation Form L = : Student Name: Stas hey Mtl Facility: INT “WW Un Please rate the student's perfo¢mance based on the scale below: S--Satisfactory __ NI--Needs Improvement NA---Not applicable or could not be assessed adequately at this time SS _S_ Student was adequately prepared for rotation site _S_ Student had knowledge of the subject matter required for tasks _S_Student treated others with dignity and respect _S_ Student demonstrated adequate level of enthusiasm _S_ Student demonstrated good interpersonal relationship with patients and employees _S Student complied withe Code of Ethies/Standards of Care for dietetic professionals _S_ Student was resourceful _S_ Student demonstrated initiative _S _ Student responded adequately to feedback and followed through on suggestions _S Student had the ability to adapt to change _S Student projected confidence _S Student demonstrated good oral communication skills _sS__ Student demonstrated good written communication skills, _S Student planned, organized, and made efficient use of time _S_ Student was adequately productive _S_ Student had the ability to follow through _S_ Student was detail oriented when necessary _SS_ Student demonstrated leadership skills _sS_Student had good judgment and decision making, _S_ Student established, communicated and executed goals _S_ Student had good supervi i _S_ Student trained and instructed others well _S_ Student has the ability to evaluate others Student’s Strengths: sen nee a hard worver and determined, oropnized 5 vnows her stuf} Areas needing development: _nJa = eed, Signature Date ry and/or management