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Rina Thomas

5495 S Boston Court

Gilbert, AZ 85297
(480) 988-4578 (Cell)

March 10th, 2015

Yvonne Gearing
Kingman Academy of Learning
3410 N. Burbank Street
Kingman, AZ 86409

Dear Ms. Gearing,

I am interested in applying for the 4th grade teacher position at Kingman Academy of Learning. As a
projected 2018 graduate of Arizona State University, this will be my first teaching position. My current
major is a BAE in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.
At the present time I am studying to be able to apply to the Barrett Honors College for the fall of my
junior year as well as planning to complete a month abroad in Spain for my Spanish minor. Following
my graduation I plan to find a job in the Los Angeles area for at risk childrens school or join the Peace
Corps in the field of Education to gain valuable knowledge and experience that will further my
qualifications for a teaching position I desire.
Outside of my studies I have experience in the restaurant industry where I have insightful customer
service skills and this summer I will be spending time in Japan at the American School in Tokyo as a
counselor in their Summer Day Camp as well as various tutoring positions.
My goal someday is to become an international school teacher in Japan after I pursue a masters degree.
I am eager to gain on field teaching experience and my journey here at Arizona State University will
provide me with valuable lessons and professional training that is expected at a this institution. Enclosed
is my resume and transcripts along with my references and contact information. I am also disclosing a
Thomas 1

link to my professional portfolio to give a more graphic overview of what my qualifications are and
some of my experiences. I will be checking up on my application promptly, in two weeks. I thank you
for your time and consideration and am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Rina Thomas

Rina Thomas Professional Portfolio

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