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Library Field Study

Shannon Mayhew,
Lisa Venker,
Katie Heer,
Angelica Grant

Planning and

Sign up book
Most collaboration with reading
With Destiny, Joyce
can now teach
All Language Arts
classes come in
for research

Curriculum and Resources

Does not have a formal
Relies on curricula from other
Uses the Research Models
supplied by the Office of
Library Information Services

Students and Teacher

PHMS students see the LMS
as a teacher

Sometimes other teachers

are surprised that an LMS
makes the same amount as
classroom teachers.

Databases and Instruction

Fee-based databases are
emphasized due to their
Students learn that fee-based
content is more authoritative
compared to Internet sites
such as Wikipedia
Teachers encourage students
to use databases when they
require multiple sources

Dewey Skills (Secondary

Kids are not coming to
PHMS with Dewey skills as
in previous years
LMS uses Destiny to help
introduce kids to the
catalog and Dewey

Organization Skills Taught to

Any computer use, with
help of technology
Research use
Materials available
Retrieval Rack System
Use of copy machines
Email use
Fee-Based Data Bases

Most Important Skills taught

to Staf
Planning ahead
Think of their students work
of the process, not just end
Reflect on their use of
Library Media Center

Organization Skills Taught to


Library skills
Dewey Decimal System
Fee-based Data Bases
Reliable/Non-Reliable resources
Uses for Library Books
Use of Sources
Reading Class Lessons
Use of Destiny
Use of Lexiles
Science Research
English Research Project

Most Important Skills Taught to


How library is organized

Taking notes
Identify gaps in the process
Following research model
Self assessing through process
Teaching the catalog, Lexiles

Ordering, Receiving, and

Prepping Materials
LMS has total control over ordering (Follett,
Borders, Costco)
2 positive reviews required for each book
Books sent to PHMS
Records sent to OLIS
Email sent to PHMS when records
have been updated
PHMS processing includes adding
Dewey spine label, PHMS and
price label, barcode and date
stickers, year, book number, and
glue pocket.

Union Catalog is on its way!

Rewards of being an LMS:

Working with everyone and all disciplines
Watching students grow and learn from 6th
8th grade
Teaching reading and research
Working with books
and technology

Duties during MSA:

Gives MSA when teachers are
Assists new teachers with the
During the Science MSA, our
LMS is in the room with the
students and is on call to help
with any technical issues

Responsibilities Other LMS Might Not


Media Retrieval Rack

12 VCRs
Operated from
classroom telephones
LMS troubleshoots
Clears numbers
Keeps log
Inventories equipment
Calls for repairs
Manually operates
when remote access is
not working

Downsides of LMS

Giving out supplies

No test to measure student library
skills (You measure what you treasure!)
Difficult to select appropriate
materials for middle schoolers
No scheduled planning mods
More stuf to manage
every year
Technology: Great when
its working!
(a challenge when its not.)

Hispanic and Bilingual

Collections in BCPS:
Dumbarton Middle School has
a bilingual collection
Perry Hall Middle School does
not carry books in the Spanish
As the need increases at
PHMS, books will be purchased
in the Spanish language