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Pebbles in a Pond Graphic Organizer

Upon request, students will

define air pressure and
identify the three factors
that affect air pressure
(temperature, water vapor,

Given the two types

of air pressure
(low/high), student
will explain the
types of weather
associated with

Given all four of

the types of air
mass, students will
explain the weather
conditions that
bring to a given

Given a citys location,

students will describe how
air pressure, topography,
heat energy, and large bodies
of water affect the
formation of thunderstorms,
tornadoes, and hurricanes.

MSDE Content Standard 3.0

Life Science: Upon request,
students will use scientific
skills and processes to explain
the chemical and physical
interactions (i.e. natural forces
and cycles, transfer of energy)
of the environment, Earth, and
the universe that occur over

Interactions of
Hydrosphere and
Upon request, students will
identify and describe the
atmospheric and
hydrosphere conditions
related to weather systems
with 90% accuracy.