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Discuss how the play script can be used for aesthetic appreciation and language

development (400 words)

This playscript is an adapted version of the poem entitled Noisy Food. This playscript is
suitable to be used for the intended classroom which is the weakest class of year 4 in S.K
Bangsar. By using this playscript, the students can be taught on both language and aesthetic
values. The sentences in the playscript are mainly simple sentences as they are meant for the
weak students. This is because students need to learn on a comprehensible input in order for
them to understand the content. This can be supported by Krashen input hypothesis of
comprehensible input. According to Krashen, the amount or level of language that teacher is
going to teach that the student can fully understand, plus just a little more: i + 1. According to
Krashens input hypothesis, the most important factor in the amount of language acquired by a
learner is the amount of comprehensible input to which that learner is exposed.
Besides, this playscript can also be used in a listening and speaking class as the
students can practice the right way to pronounce the words and also learn on the right
intonation. Other than that, this playscript can be used as a reading material where the teacher
can ask the students to read it during reading aloud session. It can help the students who is the
beginner of the language in learning as it is simple and interesting.
Other than that, we can used this playscript to teach on aesthetic value. The playscript
tells on a family who is having dinner and it touches on some manners at dining table. This
aspect can be used to teach on aesthetic value as they students get to learn on table manners
while they are carrying out the play. It supports one of the multiple intelligences elements which
is contextual learning. While having fun, the students get to learn on some values which they
can apply in their real life. Other than that, the students are having opportunity to