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ST Math Data Analysis

Session Goals:
Analyze ST Math data for selected standards in order to deterimine student misconceptions
understanding to inform planning
Use ST Math data to plan re-engagement lesson(s) including at least 2 reassessment items

Targeted TCR:
A3- Data Anaylsis/A4-Response to Data
Draws conclusions from data about the class as a whole, small groups, and/or individual stu
Modifies long-term plans and unit plans as appropriate (A4)
Uses new methods to re-teach concepts or skills to the whole class, small groups, and/or ind
appropriate (A4)

Checklist of Deliverables:
ST Math data analysis
template with reEngagement plan(s) with
reassessment items and




Uploaded to wiki and sent to

supervisor/coach by _________

Go to ST Math data reports
Click on your class name. Review the breakdown of your class.
For more information about specific skills click on each students
Choose a skill that students are struggling with:
Think about:
Is this a skill that I have noticed my students struggling
Have I already taught this skill?
Is this foundational for an upcoming unit?
Is this skill easy to reteach?
Is this skill in future units or assessments?

Decide on when you will re-engage** this skill.

Think about:
A time when you are already teaching small group or
A time when students can work independently to practice
a skill (morning work/ mini math)
A time when students are doing choice time and you can
pull a small group
Decide how you will re-engage this skill.
Think about:
What resources do you already have?
What resources do you need?
How long will it take to re-engage this skill?
Who do you need to help you re-engage?

Decide how you will re-assess this skill by ______


Reteaching vs. Re-Engagement

ST Math Analysis Template

Priority Standard/ skill
Interim Assessment
Question #
Re-Engagement Group
Re-Engagement Format
(Check all that apply)

Whole Group

Lesson (Concept Development, Task, or Error

Blended Learning (technology and whole group)
Differentiated Mini-Math and/or HW
Fluency Practice

What parts of this skill

or standard may have
caused confusion for
What skills/conceptual
on did students need to
master this skill or

How did you teach this

objective initially?
What representations,
problems, and tasks did
you use?
How will you teach it
differently this time?
What is the new
problem, task, or
strategy you will use?
What are the specific
reassessment items you
will use to evaluate
impact of reengagement lesson?
When will you

Small Group (list students)


administer these items?