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Marinduque State College

School of Information and Computing Science

Society and Culture



Jay Andrew Nagutom

Rey Gerald Manguera
Mario Custan
Mark Tranquillo
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture


In modern society, it is very common playing computer games. Even though

computer games are common in our life, they have not only good effects, but also bad
effects, especially to teenagers. Moreover, even though parents know that teenagers play
computer games too much, they do not know that why teenagers are widely excited at
computer games, and what the bad effects of computer games are. There are two main
causes that teenagers play computer games too much. In addition, playing computer
games too much has two main effects.

The first reason that teenagers play computer games too much is very simple,
because computer games are very fun. Computer games’ aims focus on to relieve stress.
Therefore, computer games are very splendid violent content. There has long been the
brief that violent content may teach violent behavior” “Mind and Media”. Moreover,
Barrie Gunter asserted, “Extrapolating … from playing computer or video games with
violent themes, such as heightening of perceptions risk or danger in the real world,” “The
effects of video games on children”, Also he declared in same book, “The power of video
or computer games may also derive form the feeling of control which they stimulate in
young players”. Thus, computer games drive teenagers more violent. Besides, teenagers
could misunderstand that they are computer games character.
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture

Statement of the problem

The purpose of the study was to identify the common effects of Computer Games.
Specifically, it sought answers to the following question
1. How often does the student play computer games?
2. How many hours does the student consume in playing computer games?
3. What type of games does the student Online Games or LAN Games? Why?
4. What Games does the student play?
5. What are the benefits that the students gain in playing computer games?
6. What are the effects of playing computer games to their studies?

Significance of the Study

The importances of computer in the evolution of this called generation X are
helpful to the school and undisputable because it has much application that made by
computer, In particular software and programs.
The data obtained from identifying the common problems that will encounter in
computer games, their low & failing grades of academic performances. Will one way or
another give several insights to those who are in the educational expertise.
To the Teachers, The findings of this study will enable the teachers to discover
the positive effects of computer games and not see only the negative side. Since computer
can be a medium of communication.
To the parents, the results of this study will be great helping to the parents
especially those who are bothered about their children who spend too much spend his
time for the computer.
To the students, the results of this research will surely benefit the students. With
this they will start to realized that computer games can influence their academic
performance in school
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture

Objective of the research

Generally the effect of Computer Games
Specifically the study aims to:
1. Avoid to much playing computer Games
2. Avoid low & Failing Grades of Academic Performances.
3. Spend much time on studies.
4. avoid change attitude
Scope and Delimitation
The study is limited to 20 respondents only who play computer games,
particularly to the students who spend a lot of time in playing. It analyzed the effect of
computer games on the academic performance of the students in Boac, Maridnuque.
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture

Review Related Study

This chapter presents pertinent review of related literature which is relevant to the

Today almost all of us have electronic devices at home for us to be comfortable

and handy at times. But it also has a negative effect on children, especially teenagers.
Parents usually buy computers for their children educational resource. But teenagers who
always seek to fun activities around them use computer to play games, chat with their
friends and to catch up with the latest gossip on celebrities. And before they know it they
are already addicted to computer. Computer can cause teenagers to be physically, and
mentally ill, and the more the child spends more time on the computer, the more he or she
loses time to focus on academics, and to talk to their family.

Computers, video games, and the internet have become entrenched features of
our daily lives. Computer use has reached beyond work and is now a major source of fun
and entertainment for many people. For most people, computer use and video game play
integrated into their lives in a balanced healthy manner. For other time spent on the
computer or video game is out of balance, and has displaced work, school, friends, and
even family. (www.mediafamily.org/facts/facts_gameaddiction.shtml)

According to Gentile (2004), video games are natural teachers. Children find
them highly motivating by virtue of their interactive nature. Children are actively
engaged, provide repeated practice, and include rewards for skillful play. These facts
make it likely that video games could have large effects, some of which are intended by
game designers, and some of which may not be intended. The data about children's video
game habits are correlated with risk factors for health and with poorer academic
performance. When video game play is analyzed for violent content, additional risk
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture
factors are observed for aggressive behavior.

Fisher (2006) stated that, there's also another type of computer addiction that's
been identified, which has been labeled "positive addiction." It may sound like a
contradiction of terms, but having a positive addiction is defined as obsessive behavior in
which the benefits received outweigh the cost of the addiction. There are many ways in
which immersing oneself into the computer can actually help make a person a better,
healthier, more aware human being. Not all the stuff on the Internet is bad, by any means.
There's an incredible wealth of valuable, enriching material available in an endless
variety in cyberspace, as well.

In addition, there are a growing number of researchers who argues that meeting
someone online may actually be a more intimate and revealing experience than face to
face contact, because you're communicating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a
more real way, free of the game playing and posturing that often accompanies real world
dating. You get to know the inner person in a more direct, spontaneous way without
worrying about facial expressions or inflections of the other person's voice. In a very real
way, couples who made their first contact online often know each other in a deeper, more
intimate way than couples who meet in the outside world.

Further, it is important to remember that even if a person spends a significant

amount of time on the computer every day, that doesn't necessarily mean that the person
is negatively addicted. Spending a considerable amount of time online doesn't always
ruin a person's life or the lives of the other people. There are people who use their
computers to reach out to others in a meaningful way and use the awesome power and
positive aspects of the Internet to learn and grow in every area of their lives and to
become better people.(http://www.clickingaddict.com/positive_computer_addiction.html)

On the other hand, Portal (2007) stated that, compulsive gaming is already
considered a psychological disorder. The growing number of students suffering from
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture
computer game addiction and video game addiction can be puzzling for many people.
What the people don’t realize is that any form of addiction roots from things that used to
be harmless. Just like in gambling, virtual games bring a sense of fun, thrill and
excitement when played, these feelings actually make the game more appealing and
engaging and addictive. The seriousness of video game addiction and computer game
addiction has gone unnoticed. It managed to sneak from a good thing that turns out bad
due to abuse and bad usage.(http://hubpages.com/hub/Computer-Gaming-Addiction).

Moreover, Kranz (2008) stated that the seriousness of the issues caused by
computer game addiction and video game addiction was even claimed to have created a
new face of addiction in modern-day societies. Since this kind of addiction roots from
seemingly harmless sources, what leads to addiction is the people's abuse to the effects or
benefits that they bring. Since no one will ever prevent using computer these days, at
work or in school, theorists predict that this kind of disorder will be much harder to

When time spent on the computer, playing computer games or cruising the
internet reaches a point that is harm a child’s or adult’s family and social relationships, or
disrupt school or work life, that person may be caught in a circle of addiction. Like other
addiction, the computer or video game has replaced friends and family as a source of
person’s emotional life. Increasingly, to feel good, the addicted person spends more time
playing video games or searching the internet. Time away from the computer or game
causes moodiness or withdrawal. (www.asiafinest.com/forum/index.php?
Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture


Research Design
This study used descriptive method of research, according to Sevilla et. Al (1997)
the descriptive methods is designed for the investigator to gather information, about
present existing conditions. Accordingly it evolves collection of data in order to test or to
answer questions concerning the current status of the subject under study which measures
the existing phenomenon the students; hence the aforementioned research method was

Research Population

The respondents involve in this study, were the 30 students from Boac, Marinduque.
Thus those students are a user of computer games.

Research Instrument
The instrument used to gather the most essential data and information in this
study was researcher – made questionnaire.

The questionnaire is the primary source of data was conduted administered and
after it was answered by the respondents, it was collected, analyzed and evaluated by the