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BHR 3614 Human Resource Management

Tutorial 2
1. What is the difference between a corporate strategy and a
competitive strategy? Give one example of each.
2. Explain why strategic planning is important to all managers.
3. Explain with examples each of the eight steps in the strategic
management process.
4. Explain with examples how HR management can be instrumental
in helping a company create a competitive advantage.
5. What items are typically included in the job description?
6. We discussed several methods for collecting job analysis data
questionnaires, the position analysis questionnaire, and so on.
Compare and contrast these methods, explaining what each is
useful for and listing the pros and cons of each.

7. Describe the types of information typically found in a job

8. Explain how you would conduct a job analysis.
9. In a company with only 25 employees, is there less need for job
descriptions? Why or why not?