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Day 1 -10 Morning & Night FB Scripts

Day 1
Morning- Hi Ladies welcome to _ s 3D Fiber Mascara online party! This party is 10
0% online so, shop from the comfort of your own couch! Younique is a naturally b
ased cosmetic company and home to the #1 selling 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! These ar
e NOT fake lashes! 3d Fiber Lash Mascara is 100% all natural green tea fibers an
d go on like regular mascara. They are safe for contact lens wearers, water-resi
stant and yet remove easily with any face wash and water. In the below pic are m
y amazing personal results, its incredible and for only $29 for a 2-3 month suppl
y. Click on this link to shop so __ will get the points towards her party!

I love getting result pictures from happy customers, check out these amazing res
ults! Click here to shop away

Day 2
Some of you might be wondering about this- it is not FAKE LASHES. ITS MASCARA! I
t is super easy to put on...no glue or lashes to attach. You apply the gel (simi
lar to regular mascara), then fibers and then the one more time to seal the fibe
rs in. You can repeat this process as many times as you would like to get the le
ngth and volume that you desire! The results are endless! Thats it! It is a MUS
T have. We all need mascara and it is incredible. Heres a tutorial I made, showin
g in real time this incredible mascara!!
Click here to order >
Noon- Movie Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Sweet Home Alabama)
Dont forget that our products are naturally based, hypoallergenic, and are not ev
er tested on animals! Order here>

Day 3
Good morning ladies!! Holy Eyelashes!! There are no falsies or yucky glue used i
n this picture. These are 100% Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! You too can have
amazing lashes. Order here>
Game- Movie Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Hunger Games)
Who said we couldn t look FABULASH while we work out?! That s right, 3D Mascara

is sweat proof and water resistant, so no excuses....put on your 3D Mascara and

Work It Out!! Order your mascara and other amazing products here! >

Day 4
Morning- Worried about picking wrong color? Worried about irritating the skin?
Worried you won t like it? NO WORRIES! We have a Love it Guarantee that is just
as easy as taking stuff back to Walmart! With the "Love it" guarantee there is N
O risk and what girl doesn t want bigger & better lashes! Order here>
Noon-Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (27 Dresses)
This is how us girls feel without mascara, am I right ladies? Order here> (share f
unny panda pic)

Day 5
Ever wish you could apply your lip color and forget about it? Now you can! Our n
ew Stiff Upper Lip, lip stain, it adds a sheer stain to your lips. Softens and h
ydrates lips while adding a long-lasting, smooth matte finish. That means it wont
rub off or smudge! Isn t this presenter gorgeous with her 3D Fiber lashes & lip
stain? Order here----->
Noon- Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)
One thing I love about the 3D Fiber Lashes is that they wash off with soap and w
ater or your favorite makeup remover. Gorgeous eyelashes that wash off at the en
d of the day? Sign me up! ------->

Day 6
Younique is so much more than just mascara, check out Glorious our amazing face
and eye primer! Glorious Face & Eye Primer goes on like silk and gives you longwearing, sweat-proof coverage of mineral makeup that lasts all day. Ingredients
are all 100% natural, free of parabens, oils, synthetic fragrances, and cheap fi
llers. Suitable for all skin types. As if this isn t enough, you can also use Gl
orious as hair serum to tame those dreaded fly aways!! Shop here>
Noon- Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Greese)

Take those every day lashes and PUMP THEM UP!! Release that inner supermodel, gi
rls! Look at how this gorgeous presenter released her inner supermodel and showi
ng that the 3D mascara is appropriate for any age! Younique s 3D Mascara is mad
e from 100% natural green tea fibers, safe for contact lens wearer 2-3 month sup
ply. Order here>

Day 7
So, our Pigments are called Pigments for a reason, they are so much more than ju
st plain old eye shadow! They can be used as nail polish, hair color, lash color
, and you can also add them to our rosewater to make a creamy eye shadow! Check
out all of our amazing pigment colors, my favorites are Sexy and Glamorous!! Ord
er here>
Noon-Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Pitch Perfect)
Lets talk LIPGLOSS! Younique Lip Gloss is amazing and not sticky like most! Flaun
t your assets! Pout, pucker, or smile -- it s all good! You bring the attitude;
we ll bring the shine! Lucrative Lip Gloss brings a whole new meaning to top-ofthe-line lip service! Ten colors available: Lavish, Loyal, Lovesick, Ladylike, L
uxe, Loveable, Luscious, Livid, Lucky, and Lethal!
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Day 8
Morning- There is absolutely NO denying the coverage of Younique TOUCH foundatio
n!! Holy Smokes this is AMAZING!!!
This beauty is a Presenter just like me and is showing how amazing our products
work even on this nasty sunburn!! Order here>
Noon- Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (How To Loos a Guy in 10 Days)
Alright ladies only a couple days left to get those orders in!!! But the fabulou
sness will last forever! Order here>

Day 9
Today I am going to share with you all, our amazing new foundations, Touch. We o
ffer a powder and cream version. You can use both or just one or the other! I my
self have a little dry skin so, I love the cream version, but I use both! Amazin
g coverage that feels incredible to your skin!
Order yours here >

MiddayOnly one more day left! Order here>

Afternoon- Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (The Notebook)
Whether you are a stay at home mom, teacher, student, secretary, etc. Younique s
3D Lashes are for you!! We all want to feel BEAUTIFUL! Gotta give a shout out to
all the nurses out there! This labor and delivery nurse is looking gorgeous eve
n with half of her face covered!!

Day 10 (last day of the party)

Morning - Morning ladies!!! Today is the last day to order!!! Get your orders in
before midnight tonight! ----->
Midday- It s Payday!! Order today to have amazing 300% longer lashes with 3D fib
er mascara! 14 day money back guarantee, you will love it!
Afternoon- Game Guess the Chick Flick for 2pt (Legally Blond)
Alright ladies! The party ends in just a few short hours! I want to thank everyo
ne who came to support ___ and thanks to __ for hosting this party! Ordering is
still available till midnight! If you have any questions post here in the party
or message me! Order here---->

Extra posts
___party is now closed! Thank you all so much for your purchases! Because of you
, our lovely hostess had a $287 party and earned $28.70 in free product and 1 ha
lf-priced items!
-I can t wait for you all to receive your products! You can post in this group w
ith any questions and please post your lash pics! I love to see those!
-If anyone would like to host a party and earn free product, please message me o
r post in this party as i will leave it open! If you missed the party and would
still like to order you can purchase here still

Optional postsEver wish you could apply your lip color and forget about it? Now you can! Our n
ew Stiff Upper Lip, lip stain, it adds a sheer stain to your lips. Softens and h
ydrates lips while adding a long-lasting, smooth matte finish. That means it wont
rub off or smudge! Isn t this presenter gorgeous with her 3D Fiber lashes & lip
stain? Order here----->
Do you want to earn half price and FREE Product like ___ did?! There is no cooki
ng or cleaning involved in our parties, it is all done on Facebook! If so commen
t below or send me a message!

Are looking to make a little extra money? It is a FANTASTIC time to become a You
nique Presenter! I am selling mascara on FB and it is so FUN! It s only $99 to s
ign up and you get all of this... It sounds too good to be true but trust me it
isnt!! Everyday I find out more amazing things about this company and Im thrilled
to be a presenter! If you are interested in making money, choosing your hours an
d changing your finical future then, we need to talk! Message me for more info,
Id love to have you on my team!

Havent you always wanted a smooth, even tan? Now you can have one with just a few
strokes! We dont have to be afraid of bronzers anymore! Youniques Beachfront Bron
zer gives you a sun-kissed glow, not that awful orangey look weve all had with othe
r bronzers. Pair it with the Powder Puff Brush, It works beautifully with our ne
w Beachfront Bronzer!
Today I am introducing y all to Divine, our supremely hydrating daily moisturize
r!!! Made with Honeysuckle & Beta Fructan.... This is therapy that your skin nee
ds and it s formulated for all skin types! It s made with an airless pump so eac
h pump is fresh for your skin with out the need for many preservatives!! Give yo
ur skin some lovin! Buy it here----- >
Good morning everyone! FINE LINES? WRINKLES? Check out Younique s new UPLIFT e
ye serumreviews from this product are unbelievable! Women are seeing crazy result
s in 3 short weeks! It is naturally-based, super-concentrated, and only takes ON
E drop for both eyes. It diminishes puffiness, dryness, dark circles, and fine l
ines & wrinkles around the delicate eye areaits magic in a bottle Buy it here---->
Alright ladies, who wants FREE product!?! Well guess what you are in luck today!
The first person to order a collection, (which are great deals because they are
offered at a discount from buying the products individually) will receive a FRE
E lip gloss!! These collections are amazing, all of our products are so great, w
hy not have them all especially since ordering a collection means you are saving
more than 20% off if you were to buy the products individually! First come firs
t serve! The Gimme Everything is a amazing value because you get a little bit of
everything!! :) Order here>
Invite your friends to this party, order mascara for them, introduce them to the
product whatever it is don t let them go lil lashless!! (include the friends do
nt let friends lil lashes pic)

Alright ladies one of my favorites of Younique s is, the Moodstuck mineral blush
! It is 100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc
, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens! My favorite go to
color is Seductive. Check it out and definitely order some!!