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GIHE Glion Institute of Higher Education

c/o Whitelands College
Holybourne Avenue
SW15 4JD London

Human Resources Department

Blvd Kukulcan KM 21.26, Panta Nizuc
Q. Roo, 77500
February, 12 2015
Dear Mr Daniel,
Currently studying for my Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management degree at
the Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland and London, I am looking for a six month
internship starting from mid - June 2015 onwards in your well established hotel. Primarily interested
in the Food and Beverage, Rooms Divisions, and Guest Relations departments I remain open to any
other suitable positions you may have to offer.
I am very interested in your opportunity at Nizuc Resort and Spa as I believe it will allow me to
integrate my present academic exposure as well as my past experiences into your establishment. It
would be an honour to join your team and contribute to maintaining and developing Nizuc worldwide
as a beacon of innovation, quality, and success as I strongly identify myself with your values by
providing a high level of service.
During my studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education, I have had a chance to put my theoretical
knowledge into practice while working with a team in the Service, Kitchen, Housekeeping, and Front
Office areas. From this experience, I have learned the importance of remaining calm, focused and
professional during times of stress and how necessary team work is. I have also learned that the
customers overall satisfaction is crucial and that I should always keep a positive attitude and strive to
exceed their expectations.
From my previous training at Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne (Switzerland), and at Le Manoir de Lan
Kerellec - Relais et Chteaux, Trbeurdun (France), I believe that I have gained such skills as
initiative, discipline, responsibility, and punctuality. Indeed, I had to demonstrate my reactivity during
busy-times, as well as ensuring a high level of care towards the guests during the service. While
involved in the plate presentation in a 1-star Michelin restaurant or checking the VIP rooms, I
developed a strong attention to detail.
You will also find me loyal, hard-working, friendly and willing to learn and discover new things,
characteristics that drove me to become an exchange student and to study abroad. I am very motivated
to succeed in this industry and an internship in your establishment will not only help me to sharpen
these skills but to experience new and interesting challenges.
Wishing to convince you of my interest, I am available for a first interview at a mutually agreed day
and time and I would be happy to supply you with more detailed information should you request it.
Thanking you in advance for considering my application. I look forward to hopefully hearing back
from you in the near future.
Kind Regards,