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Research Project

Proposal with
Jacob Cole

Federal Legalization of Marijuana

Proposal for Research Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Date: 03/10/15
To: Dr. Robert Arnold
From: Jacob Cole
Subject: Request for Approval of Research Project

The purpose of this memo is to formally request the approval of my research

project, which is the federal legalization of Marijuana. This memo will briefly explain
the problems with Marijuana being illegal as well as the benefits the country would
receive if it were to become legal.

Problem: There are many problems with Marijuana being illegal. First and foremost
is liberty. People deserve the freedom to use marijuana. The federal government
should not be able to as long as they are not harming others. The second issue is
the cost. It is very expensive to keep marijuana illegal. We would have many more
resources to use on important problems if marijuana were legal. Another reason it
should be legalized it because prohibition doesnt work. It just encourages
organized crime to grow and distribute the marijuana. Other reasons it should be
legalized include medicinal usage, the ability to grow hemp, and religious use.
Objectives: I will do extensive research on the laws regarding marijuana and why
it is was made illegal in the first place. I will also research how much money the
government could potentially save/make by researching information from states
that have already legalized it. In order to support my claim about prohibition not
working, I will research alcohol prohibition in the U.S. in the early 1900s. I will also
look at cases where people have benefited from using marijuana medicinally,
religiously, and growing it commercially for hemp.
Solution: The solution to my proposal includes many facets; however most of them
are similar to how alcohol is regulated. I believe that the legal age to purchase
marijuana should be 21. A government issued type of ID would be required at the
time of purchase. There should also be a purchasing limit set purchasing limit set
per transaction as well as a limit a person can have in their possession them at any
given time. I would also would recommend that it can only be purchased certain
times of the day, say 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. Just like with alcohol, you should not be able
to consume marijuana in public or drive under the influence of it. This is just a brief
rundown of what my solution would actually look like.
Schedule: I will have the research and report done no later than Thursday, May 7 th.
Cost: It will cost nothing in order to do the research and prepare the report;
however It would require a great deal of financing to actually put this plan into