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Proposals are held to high standards. Each of these elements must be included in your proposal and project:
1. Abstract:
Provide a detailed overview of this project so that a reader with no background on this topic would fully understand
your project goals and what you intend to learn. If you are proposing a global studies experience, provide an itinerary.
What does the project entail and why is it personally meaningful?
Describe the extent of your time commitment (planning, executing, and reflecting). Your experience should be
equivalent to a 3-credit hour honors seminar. While the quality of the experience and your ability to meet learning
outcomes are most important, you should engage in at least 75-90 hours of direct contact and/or preparation, research,
and reflection. Describe both the quantity and quality of your time commitment to this experience.
2. Connection to Learning Outcomes within an Honors Thematic Area:
Your project should result in substantial learning through which you make progress towards meeting specific learning
outcomes within the thematic area. You must explicitly choose (i.e., copy and paste) 2-3 honors learning outcomes
associated with the thematic area (see page 2 for the complete list of learning outcomes). List 2-3 honors learning
outcomes that you will make progress towards achieving as a result of your project. Then, explain how your actions
related to the project will help you meet the learning outcomes you identified. Provide specific examples.
3. Connection to Goals and Academic Theories (This is a two-part prompt):
A. Your project must be related to your development (personal, academic, and/or professional goals). How does
this project contribute to your future personal, academic and/or professional goals?
B. You are expected to connect academic theories or readings to your experiential learning work. Your proposal
should identify several theories or readings you plan to explore in your project. Name 2-3 specific theories and/or
readings you will use to prepare or gain background knowledge for your project. Explain how/why you chose your
resources and how they will inform your project. Provide citations, as appropriate. Your self-designed project
advisor(s) can lend their expertise and help you brainstorm relevant resources.
4. Initiative, Independence, and/or Creativity:
Your project must include a unique/independent/creative contribution and some aspect(s) of the project must be selfinitiated. What is your unique contribution to this project? What skills, ideas, or previous experiences do you bring to
the table? How is your involvement unique as compared to other participants? How have you demonstrated initiative?
5. Reflection:
Reflection leads to higher-level conceptual learning and can take many forms (e.g., journals, lab notebooks, blogs,
sketchbooks). Reflection is not merely a summation of activities completed and opinions formed; rather, it should be
thoughtful, integrative, substantive, and well-crafted. Your project must have an active reflective component. How will
you actively reflect on your learning throughout the experience? Describe the format for reflection and what you will
reflect upon (i.e., provide a list of reflection questions).
Additionally, in order for a project to be considered completed:
You must write and submit a reflective essay through the honors database within one month of project
completion (more details available on the UHP website).
You must document the experience in your learning portfolio.
6. Dissemination:
Your experience and learning must be shared with others publically (e.g., presentations to student groups, poster
display, websites, published papers/articles, video compilations, scrapbooks). With whom and how will you share what
you learned/created with others in a public forum? Why is the specific audience you chosen relevant?
7. Project Advisor(s):
Projects must involve the guidance of a faculty/staff member, mentor, supervisor, or other person with whom you can
develop a base of knowledge. Your project advisor should provide their expertise to assist you with the development
and execution of your project. Who will help you conceptualize this project and provide you with support? Provide the
name, title, contact information, and a statement explaining the expertise of each advisor. Note: This will not be your
honors advisor or another student.
8. Budget:
A budget is not required. To request an honors grant to support this project, provide an itemized budget listing all of
your project-related expenses and evidence to back up your estimates. To request grant funding for unpaid research or
an unpaid internship, please list the total number of hours you will work per week and the total number of weeks. If you
plan to receive funding from other sources, please indicate that in your budget. Grant funding is impacted by the
quality of your proposal.

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Your project should result in substantial learning through which you make progress towards meeting 2-3 of the learning
outcomes for an Honors Thematic Area. Your proposal must focus on one thematic area; choose one that best fits your goals.
Learning Outcomes for the Community Engagement Theme:
Possesses awareness of purpose of service, including need for reciprocity, understanding of social issues, and ability to see
those issues from multiple perspectives.
Recognizes how public policies and practices, and power and privilege, have an influence on social issues. Explores ways to
alter public policy and/or identify solutions.
Relates, communicates, and works effectively with others towards sustainable social change.
Participates in community and understands own role as citizen of community.
Learning Outcomes for the Creative Arts Theme (adapted from AAC&U Creative Thinking VALUE Rubric):
Acquires or further develops competencies within a particular creative domain.
Possesses ability to define the creative problem; ability to frame and develop a problem statement and appropriate
Possess a well-developed awareness of theories and methods in the field.
Demonstrates/takes appropriate risk in successfully completing project (going beyond original parameters of assignment,
introducing new materials and forms, tackling controversial topics, advocating unpopular ideas or solutions, etc.).
Possesses ability to embrace contradictions and integrate alternate, divergent, or contradictory perspectives.
Possesses ability to think innovatively.
Connects, synthesizes, and transforms ideas.
Learning Outcomes for the Global Studies Theme:
Possess global literacy, including knowledge of geography, history, current world issues and similarities and differences
among cultures
Recognize the interdependence of world economies, political systems and the environment
Interact with individuals from different cultures and express a sensitivity, appreciation and respect for the complex range of
experiences of diverse peoples
Participate in a global society and understand the role of a global citizen
Note: If you are planning a self-designed travel experience, you must include a detailed itinerary. You are required to attend a
pre-departure orientation session with UC International Programs if your honors experiential learning project involves
international travel. It is your responsibility to schedule a session with UC International. At minimum, your time abroad should
be at least 1 week. Proposals for experiences with less than 1 week of travel will not be approved.
Additionally, the Student Travel Policy restricts UC sponsored- travel to countries under a U.S. Department of State Travel
Warning. Those who wish to visit a country with a travel warning may download and complete a Travel Exemption Form.
Students traveling without a faculty or staff leader must individually request an exemption. Faculty or staff leading a group of
students must complete a request on behalf of the entire group.
The University Honors Program cannot approve any travel to a country with a US Department of State Travel Warning until
after the a travel exemption is granted by the International Travel Overview Committee. This means that we cannot allow you
to count this travel as an honors experience nor can we give you a grant if the ITOC does not approve travel.
Learning Outcomes for the Leadership Theme:
Possesses knowledge of various leadership theories and identifies with the characteristics of leadership
Identifies the various characteristics of a leader in a given situation/role
Has the ability to relate, communicate and work effectively with peers
Develops a vision of the future and acknowledges the impact of decisions (as applicable to the individual and affiliated
Learning Outcomes for the Research Theme:
Ability to frame and develop the research project question or problem.
Possess a well-developed awareness of literature in the field.
Formulate a theory, problem, or hypothesis for the proposed research project that is based on the literature review.
Ability to identify and apply appropriate methodologies to design research study, and collect and analyze data.
Disseminate the research results and knowledge gained.

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Demonstrate awareness of key weakness/limitations of the research and provide guidance on the most important and fruitful
directions for future research on this topic.
Ability to think beyond the just completed research and articulate how your world view has been impacted by the experience.

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Complete this proposal prior to your projects start date and upload it in the UHP Database
(https://webapps.uc.edu/uchonorsstudent). Create a project (Add a new record) in the Tracking Project tab and then
upload your proposal document as an attachment. The deadline for submitting proposals is on the 5th of each month.
While the quality of the proposal is most important, strong proposals are typically 3-4 pages in length (single-spaced).
Please maintain the proposal format.
Basic Information
Full Name: Oreofeoluwa Oyelowo
UC Email: oyelowot@mail.uc.edu
College: College of Education, Criminal Justice and Health Services (CECH)
Major: Information Technology
Title of Project: Digital Media and Photography
Thematic Area (choose only one): Creative Arts
Expected Project Start Date: 05/21/2015
Expected Project End Date: 07/17/2015
Project Information
1. Provide a detailed abstract of your proposed honors experiential learning project.
I would be travelling to Nigeria in the summer. During the course of my time there, I would be taking summer
classes and would be on co-op. Also, I would be working part-time at a digital studio called Perfect Memories,
and would be working full-time on Saturdays at this place. All this is to build and master the art of photography
and incorporating digital media into Information Technology (IT). I would also work on building a website for
this company. While I would be bringing in some of my IT skills into this studio, I also hope to learn a lot from
them. The program would start by testing out my skills in PhotoShop and my ability to use a high-end digital
camera. These are the basic things that the company works with, before going to the editing room for the actual
production of the hard copy of the work.
There is no specific itinerary for this experience, as how things would go would depend on how quickly I am able
to learn the operations of things. Also, the events I would be covering with the staff of Perfect Memories depend
heavily on what jobs come up in the summer. They do not have a full listing of that yet. This is just a brief list of
activities I would be engaged in
o Trained by Abraham Okuorogo, Chief Printer
o Video coverage of birthdays, weddings and any events that come up in the summer I would be
accompanying the photographers to events so that I can learn how they work together with the different
video cameras being positioned in different parts of the hall/venue of the events, as well as how they
o Photographer for high school graduations (High school year ends in July in Nigeria)
o Compile and select images from the events not all the pictures taken would be used. I would have to
make use of my critical skills to identify the images that would bring the customers maximum
o Run the images through batch editing there are some basic conversions that might need to be applied to
all images in a folder before some are edited individually. This might be converting them to a specific file
format, for example. I would be responsible for this, especially during the initial stages of my training.
o Edit selected image to desired outcome after learning the basic tools that are used to edit, I would be
required to complete some of the jobs as well.
o Interview event hosts/hostesses
o Photoshoots in the studio sometimes there are photoshoots in the studio. I would work with my
supervisor and the chief photographer to ensure that the studio is set, we have the perfect lighting for the
pictures, the right background images and screens, etc.

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This is just an overview of all the things I would do while I am at Perfect Memories. I am doing this because I
want to have a productive summer. I also am learning to explore my passions and I want to see what the world
of Digital Media has in store for me. I am also interested in building up my creativity skills.
Clearly and thoroughly address how each of the following elements will be exhibited in your work:
2. Connection to Learning Outcomes within the Honors Thematic Area (identified above)
- Possess a well-developed awareness of theories and methods in the field
This field relates directly to my passion for photography. During the course of this experience, I would be
exposed to several machines for framing, spiral bounding, enlarging, printing, making CDs from video clips
and pictures, etc. I would learn the best way to go about connecting with the audience as well. I used to hang
around my parents digital studio when I was younger and I saw that some photographers would go to other
studios to print. It was also a way of building friendships and relationships in the business. This time around, I
would be experiencing it first-hand. I would learn about how these relationships are built and the tactics for
managing competition. I would learn about what other companies are around and how the concentration (or
lack of it) is a benefit to this company. I would learn what other corporations a photographer should build
networks with for him to be successful.
Outside of the business scale, I would learn the differences in the lighting effects for the various types of
pictures. I would learn about what colors of backgrounds go better with different shades of skin, color of eyes,
or type of clothes. I would learn about digital editing and when more is better than less. I would learn about
advertisement and presentation of work as well; all things needed for a photographer to be kept in business.

Demonstrates/takes appropriate risk in successfully completing project (going beyond original parameters of
assignment, introducing new materials and forms, tackling controversial topics, advocating unpopular ideas or
solutions, etc.)
There are several tools available in PhotoShop and what sets a designer apart is not what tool he uses, but his
ability to create a unique effect by appropriately mixing and matching just the right amount of certain tools. In
the class I took this semester, we saw certain examples of effects that could be created when certain tools are
used together and in a certain way. There is always the risk that the picture could be permanently damaged,
but that is why there are a lot of risks and we talk about creating layer masks without affecting the major
image. It could take a lot of time to get the perfect process, and there are tools for recording steps so the
processes are not lost and details are not missed. All these are to ensure that damage is reduced, and I can still
take the necessary steps to successfully complete my project. It is going beyond the tools that have been given
to me, recognizing what could be, and bringing it out. If I am able to do this and I can bring it out enough, the
company would add my idea to the pool of ideas that they draw from when they are trying to complete
another project later on.

3. Connection to Goals and Academic Theories (include reference list, as appropriate)

- I hope to practice my web development skills by developing a website for this company, or an
abstract at the least. I would study the needs of this company and help design a website to meet their
needs and make it easier for customers to have access to the companys information. This is
especially key to my track, which is the Networking/Systems track. I am currently taking Network
Infrastructure Management and we have had several design scenarios where we would be given a
hypothetical situation and asked to design a network to meet the needs of that company. I would study
and make research trying to design a feasible network and by putting a lot of factors into
consideration such as cost, managerial structures, technical abilities of employees, and future growth
to mention a few. With Perfect Memories, I would be building up on those skills.
- Perfect Memories also goes beyond what I would be doing for the organization as a whole. I would
get to interact with people and ask them about what effects they want their pictures to achieve, or
what kind of quality they need, size of frame, how much wall space they have and their budget. I
would have to give them the best possible artwork for their money. I think this is very crucial,

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especially for the field that I am going to. Digital Media is growing rapidly and customer service is
what keeps people faithful, just like technology.
Furthermore, going to events and taking pictures would help build some of my networking skills. It
would also help me to get more confident with interacting with people. I would learn to take better
quality pictures as well and this matters to me because one of the things I hope to do before I graduate
from the University of Cincinnati is to work for the student newspaper, The News Record. I love to
write, and I want to pursue my passion for photography. I hope that the skills I learn from my
experience would make me qualified and fit for this position. My experience would give me more to
offer The News Record.

- Photography (11th Edition) by Barbara London, John Upton & Jim Stone
This is a book that I would be reading during the course of my program. One of the reasons I like
photography is that I am a visual learner and this particular edition includes visual aids that help
readers examine art clearly. This edition presents all facets of photography, laying out what you need
to know to make photographs with digital tools as well as the integral steps to perfecting film print.
There are also a lot of videos that go alongside the book. I look forward to reading it.
While this book focuses on photography, I would be reading another book on the second key element
of my experience learning to use Adobe Photoshop.
- Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Chris Botello is a book that goes through the basics of Photoshop and
includes exercises that users can try out, and has images showing the expected results. This book will
familiarize me with the basic tools that I would be using during my time at Perfect Memories. The
exercises would also make it easier for me to practice on actual images beyond what it is that I have
access to in my place of work. There are additional tasks in this book as well that would help me go
above and beyond as these only say what the result should be, and leave me to figuring out how to get
that result. It is a great way for me to practice and get myself familiar with the Photoshop
- Lastly, I would be getting a lot of help from www.w3schools.com as I try to build that website for the
company. This is one of the many websites hosted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which
is an international community dedicated to developing web standards and guidelines to ensure that the
web continues to grow (EdX Inc). The WC3 is made up of a lot of member organizations, staff and
the general public all dedicated setting the standards of the world wide web. The website I identified
above has on it a lot of tutorials that I would be refering to during the course of my development of
the website for Perfect Memories.
- W3C also has a validation page that checks generated codes and dectects errors. I would pass all my
web pages through this mechanism before I publish the site. This is to ensure that my code is
following the right web standards.
4. Initiative, Independence, and/or Creativity
I am an information technology major and I am focused on building networks. Usually, I would not have to go to
the events that the photographers go to but I would as I am concerned with building my networking skills and
relating with customers one on one in order to give them the best possible experience. Also, I am working on
building a website for this company. I took a web development class that helped me get some ideas started on this.
I might make them pay me for this if it turns out great, or in the long run they could hire an actual web designer
that I would work with in order to make this happen. I would let them know that this would help them in
advertisement and attracting more customers to their services. This is my way of giving to the company that
would be giving me all of this experience that I need. This is my way of being an asset to the company while still
developing myself and learning this photography and digital media editing skills.
What I bring to this group is my determination, perseverance and passion. As this is something that I am very
passionate about, I would give it my best. I also bring in my communication skills, as I have had to conduct
interviews in the past. This would make me a great resource for customer service.

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5. Reflection
By the end of my trip, I would have a scrapbook to keep track of my journey through the summer. I would start
with the basics my first tasks and how they showed my inexperience, the slow growth and development, and
eventually, the final works that I would be able to create. It would be a way for me to keep track of my progress. I
would also include snapshots of the highlights of my work experience. Finally, when I write my reflection, it
would be in this three step format. These are just some questions that I would answer during the course of my
First section WHAT?
- How much do I know?
- What do I think would be my biggest challenge here?
- What do I seem to be most interested in as at now?
Second section SO WHAT?
- Have you learned so much more now?
- How is the company support playing a role in your development?
- Whose life have you made a difference in?
- What ideas have started forming and have you started contributing, or are you still hiding in the shadows?
- What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
Third section NOW WHAT?
- How confident are you in your Digital Media skills?
- Who couldnt you have done this without?
- How are you going to keep practicing and building on this skills?
- Is this it, or does digital media have more in store for you out there?
- How would your experience help you create the perfect memories of the University of Cincinnati?
The answers I get to these questions would determine how I would apply my learning to the rest of my life.
6. Dissemination
During my time in Nigeria, I would write a lot about what I am seeing and how I am learning. If the website is
published, I would have a feature indicating what kinds of internships and co-ops are available for others who
have an interest in photography. I would explain what I learned, but that would be focused on what Perfect
Memories has to offer. This way, customers can have an idea of what to expect from an internship at this place. I
would also be really big on social networks. I would tweet and post on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as my
work progresses, and when it is over, I would create a video, share it on Facebook and Instagram and tag all the
people I worked with on it. I would also do this with pictures, but the pictures would not be as comprehensive as
the video would be. The video would show the overall experience, and the pictures would be posted from time to
time and along the line. I would also publish the link to my online journal on Facebook, for users who would
rather read than watch the video, or those who want both. This is especially important for people in Nigeria, as
Nigerians dont have the best connection to the internet and are very mindful of how they use up their data. I dont
want people to miss out on my experience because of a limited data plan, which is why my journal would be
published online for users to read.
7. Project Advisor(s)
Abraham Okurogo
Perfect Memories Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria
+234 803 637 4714
8. Budget (if applicable)
The total cost of the trip is $1400. This includes transportation to and from Nigeria, as well as within Nigeria.
Other expenses include:
$105.47 for the book, Photography (11th Edition) by Barbara London, John Upton & Jim Stone (Amazon).

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