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(952)649 0237 | San Jose, CA


Seeking Software Engineer Intern position, 2015 to enhance my technical & analytical skills and develop business knowledge
Masters of Science, Computer Software Engineering
GPA: 3.85/4
San Jose State University, CA
May 2016
Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering
Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, India
June 2013
Graduate Coursework: Enterprise Software Platforms, Enterprise Distributed Systems, Cloud Technologies, Software Systems
Engineering, Enterprise Application Development
Undergraduate Coursework: Data Structures & Algorithms, Databases, Operating Systems
Technical Skills: Java, C++, Scala, Node.js, JavaScript, C#, C, SQL, Spring (MVC Framework), Spring Boot, JSON, .NET,
Amazon Web Services, GitHub, Agile Methodologies, Restful Web Services, JSP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL Server 2008,
MongoDB (NoSQL), Python, JUnit
Certification: MongoDB for NodeJS, Network Security
San Jose State University
Fall 2014
Led a team of five to develop a web application that extracts images from Facebook and stores it to Dropbox and retrieves
Users tagged locations, coordinates, status, friend list to store in MongoDB
Primarily responsible for authenticating the user with Dropbox Login API, storing user details in MongoDb, invoking Rest
APIs from UI using JQuery
Improved Security by implementing AspectJ for solving cross-cutting security concerns. Added Google Map functionality to
search for a location. Provided Email notification feature to get feedback, rating and reviews for a place
Successfully completed the project and deployed it on Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
TruckStop - Food Truck Finder
San Jose State University
Fall 2014
Constructed two user profiles Customer and Food truck owner
Customer exhibits the functionalities of profile management, favorite cuisine specification, food truck subscription/unsubscription, location-based notification, taste-based recommendation, Google Map powered food truck search
Food truck owner exhibits the functionalities of menu updating, truck location updating, and menu-specific tag sharing
Deployed the project on Amazon EC2
Technologies Used- Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB and Google Maps API
Digital Wallet
San Jose State University
Fall 2014
Worked independently to develop an application that stores, retrieves and updates Users[personal, bank and login] details
Implemented Rest Web Services using REST constraints and performed validations and CRUD operations using REST
Utilized Scala and Spring Framework for business layer, MongoDB for persistence layer & AWS for deployment
3-D Gumball Machine Game
San Jose State University
Fall 2014
Collaborated in a team of five to develop a 3-D game using Java in J Monkey Engine. Implemented design patterns such
as State, Observer, Chain of Responsibility, Strategy and Proxy
Followed Agile practices like Scrum, Kanban board, Burn down charts and Sprint backlog
Responsible for implementing Strategy pattern to decide which colored gumball would be ejected
Programmer Analyst
Cognizant Technology Solution, India
Feb 2014 Aug 2014
Developed a web application Event Management System using Java for administrators to register customers and vendors
for various events
Aided in normalizing tables and used SQL Server 2008 as the database. Used MVC Design Pattern
Designed front end web pages using JavaScript, JSP, HTML. Parsed the data from SQL server into PDF
Secured 96% by showing proficiency in Java, C, C#, .Net, SQL during training
Received Best Trainee award from Learning Executive Head at Cognizant Technology Solutions
Recognized as a DRONA for showing excellent leadership skills and participating in various extracurricular activities
Volunteered for an inter college group "Concepts" for three years to raise funds for social issues
Organized Labor Day for 100 Employees at Cognizant Technology Solutions