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Audience and Institutions

Featuring Lana Del Rey, Ed

Sheeran and Kurt Cobain

Lana Del Rey

This issue of Billboard
shows Lana in a
completely different look.
She has different hair and
a completely different
outfit to the cover before.
This portrays her in a
varied image which
seems softer and more
angelic to the harsher
more immature Q image.
This portrayal of Lana is
particularly unique as it
can be considered as
possibly R rated. The
blood and crown can give
her a royalty vibe
however the youthful
expression can connote
immaturity which the

Lana is portrayed in a
more sexualized way on
this issue of Rolling
Stone. The simplistic
outfit and pose seems
more mature out of the
two other pictures. This
shows that she has
evolved and become

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran looks similar in all

of these images. He has a look
of innocence which is hard to
portray in other ways.
Therefore the contrast of
clothing and tattoos look more

Total Guitar and Q

magazine both have
the image of Ed
Sheeran with a guitar.
This proves his
identity as a musician
and can seem more
realistic as him then
the photos in Billboard
and Brink.

SPIN and Q particularly

stand out since they
both have a very
sincere black and white
edit which can connote
an essence of softness
or harshness depending
on the tone of the edit.
These both compare to
NME and People where
they are both more
saturated with a hue
tone on People and a
striking blue saturation
on NME.

Kurt Cobain

All these issues of Kurt

Cobain would be a lot more
older since he died quite
young. Therefore they all
portray him at a similar
stage in his life compared to
Lana Del Rey who had a