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Brinny A Ramirez

English 1101/Ms. Jimenez

Annotated Bibliography
Adler, Jennifer. Passionate Nutrition: A Guide to Using Food as Medicine From Nutritionist
Who Healed Herself from the inside out. Textbook p.288 (2014). The article is about a certified
nutritionist and first time author Adler serves up a sustainable guide to the healing power of food.
Adler after childhood marked by poverty and neglect she found herself in early adulthood with
physical and emotional ills. She began an intense study of nutrition and global diets. Which then
lead to her to the belief that we should approach food as medicine. Her guidelines emphasize the
whole and fermented foods to promote healthy lifestyle. Adlers book is an essential healthy
living and vital resource for anyone who wants to live a healthier, more empowered life.
Barker, Josh.

The Fortune Society teaches community about healthy eating The New York

Amsterdam News. October 18-24, 2012. Joining in the movement to improve health in Upper
Manhattan, the fortune Society recently held an event showing community residents how to
choose and cook healthier food options. Approximately 800 Fortune families and children have
attended a series of nutrition education workshops, including Taste and Texture and Just Say
Yes to Fruits and Vegetables. Families have participated in 35 cooking demonstrations, taking
home bags of fresh produce after each one. Produce is provided by local suppliers. The two
suppliers have distributed more than 4,500 pounds of fresh produce to fortune clients and
community members. The program will also include recipe selection workshops, nutrition related
activities and field trip to supplier farms.

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De La Rosa, Izzy. Health care, Harlem Dowling Family Nutrition Day provided bounty of fresh
food The New York Amsterdam News. December 16-22, 2010. Harlem Dowling specialized
Services Division hosted a special Family Nutrition Day Friday November 19, at the Adam
Clayton Powell State office building. Their goal is to provide nutritional literacy that will
empower head of households to make wiser and healthier food choices for their families.
Although fresh produce is available almost at every corner of the neighborhood many residents
depend on overprices supermarkets for their familys food needs. Dr. Williams was one of many
health and family experts that participated in Harlem Dowling West side Centers Family
Nutrition Day. Over 200 participants took part in the workshops which included a wealth of
information while providing access to a variety of services and programs available in the central
Harlem community. Each partaker received a bag of loaded with a wide variety of fresh
vegetables along with a holiday turkey or chicken.
Pickard, Taylor. Re-Defining Mineral Nutrition Text book Nottingham: Press 2005. Pp. 290.
(2006). Re-defining mineral nutrition is one of the goals of food scientist and animal nutritionist
globally and his book attempts to bring together the concepts of mineral nutrition in feed system
to improve animal performance and hence food quality. Provides the reader with good
understanding and importance of minerals in general nutrition with the link between improving
and maintaining and optimizing good quality. The opening chapter informs the reader about the
standards for minerals and background information behind the setting of the National Research
Council. Textbook goes in more detailed explaining and tracing back to the source of nutrition
that we take in our everyday life taking back to the animal we eat. Chapter 3 they use a pig

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model to give example of how the trace minerals work and influence of mineral balance on
growth efficiency and more topically immune response of animals. Each chapter talks about the
intense research of the current trends and practices. Mineral requirements of poultry nutrition and
discusses the role of the estimation of nutrient requirements against the actual requirements of
nutrients in modern commercial poultry systems. Go more in details about lessons in human
mineral nutrition and also interesting terms of comparison between human and animal nutritional
requirements. Overall, the book makes for an interesting read into how mineral and nutrition
regulation of diets can affect animal production and offers a few insights into how this can then
affect human nutrition.
Pieka, Magdalena. Nutritional Support teams: the cooperation among physicians and
pharmacists help improve cost-effectiveness of home parenteral nutrition (HPN) Journal P 251
(2014) Parenteral nutrition (PN) requires the intravenous provision of all essential nutrients,
proteins, energy, electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements and water. The main indication for home
parenteral nutrition is the aim of the study was to use the cooperation among physicians and
pharmacists, who were members of Nutritional Support Team. NST analyzed thoroughly all
regimens of patients. The analysis showed also that 16% of patients required additional
supplementation of calcium and 43% magnesium. The calculated amount of those electrolytes
reached up to 10 mmol per day and had to be supplemented by the use of additional intravenous
fluids. It became clear that previously used formulas neither covered patients needs nor
guaranteed pharmaceutical stability. Cooperation and mutual understanding and trust between
physicians and pharmacist allow achieving a successful nutritional therapy.

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Najarkolaei, Rahmati. Nutrition and Physical Activity Educational Intervention on CHD Risk
Factors: A Systematic Review Study Cite this article: Rahmati-Najarkolaei F, Ghaffarpasand E,
Gholami Fesharaki M, Jonaidi-Jafari N. Nutrition and physical activity educational intervention
on chd risk factors: A systematic review study. Arch Iran Med 2015; 18(1):51-57. Any major risk
factors, along or without family history, dietary regimen and lifestyle can induce multi-fold
increase in risk of CAD or facilitate the course of other cardiac diseases. CAD is coronary artery
disease is major risk factors can lead us to chronic problem. Furthermore controlling only one
risk factor is not enough to prevent CAD. Lifestyle, non-healthy dietary habits, and low physical
activity are highly associated with cardiac related mortality. There is 40% of other cardiac
problems are related to lifestyle. The goal for this article to be written is to provide health
education to improve the health knowledge and attitude and change behavior of the individuals
toward a better lifestyle in all aspect of life. Researchers and systematic reviews have suggested
and supported that education programs on healthy diet and physical activity are the most
effective programs and able to improve knowledge. The purposes of the review are to collect all
recent information regarding how education programs affect metabolic syndrome indices from
the literature. This is a fast-growing epidemic of chronic diseases causes many health challenges
over the world. Current study is to review the effect of nutrition and physical education
intervention in decreasing cardiovascular risk factors. 194 articles have been done to show a
positive effect of nutrition and physical activity educational interventions on common risk
factors. Review presents various studies on different age groups all over the world with different
cultures and mostly all of them demonstrated that nutrition and physical activity as well as
educational program can modify health risk factors. Most studies regarding this issue

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demonstrate that only program with lifestyle and habitual changes are effective in reducing risk
factors. Therefore paying attention to both diet and physical activity for decreasing risk factor is
essential for each individual health.
Rivera, David. Improving Elementary School Students Learning Outcomes Using Food-Based
Mentorship Programs Journal of teaching in travel & tourism, 9:144-158,2009 Food is an item
that everyone has experiences and continues to experience on a day to day basis. This makes
food an excellent teaching tool for enhancing education for individuals of all ages and
backgrounds. Food can be used to actively engage students in hand on cooperative learning
activities which it helps to develop new ideas and concepts. Food Product development with the
element of mentoring can foster knowledge acquisition and retention, problem solving, and
creativity. The purpose of this paper sis to share one example on how food was used as teaching
tool for college and elementary school students. Food could serve as an excellent medium for
enhancing educational experiences for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Food Master
Program teaches elementary and college students the important concepts that will benefit them
for years to come.
Soliman, Ashraf. Nutrition and pubertal development Review Article, Indian Journal:
Department of Pediatrics University of Alexandria Childrens Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt,
Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Outpatients Clinic, Quisisana Hospital, Ferrara, Italy,
Department Of Primary Health Care, AbuNakhla hospital, Doha, Quatar (2014) Nutrition is
one of the most important factors affecting pubertal development. Nutritional status during
childhood has a significant effect on pubertal development and can explain as much as 25% of

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the variation in the timing of puberty. Nutrition hormone interaction during critical periods of
growth plays an essential role in the control and prediction of metabolic adaption and pubertal
development later on life. Rapid early weight gain lead to taller childhood and higher insulin like
growth factor. Prepubertal of critical body weight and fat mass has been thought to have
noticeable role in the start of sexual maturation whereas underfeeding and malnutrition in
humans has been related to delayed pubertal onset. During puberty changes in lean body mass
and protein metabolism are regulated by numerous hormonal mechanisms. Under Nutrition is the
most important cause of growth and retardation worldwide. Poverty in the poor countries and
self-induced food restriction in the rich countries are chronic systematic disease are the main
causes. Primary or secondary malnutrition leads to serious consequences. Attention should be
paid both to maternal and early neonatal and childhood nutrition to assure proper timing and
progression of pubertal development and prevent obesity related reproductive complications.