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Judd Mahalo

Judd Mahalo is working as a bartender in the Central business

District (CBD) in Sydney for Baxter Inn a well-known and liked pub.
As a bartender the most relevant contract for Judd modern award
contract. The general terms and conditions of a Modern Award
contract includes:

Allowance for uniform and tools

Hours of work, rest breaks and flexible work arrangements.
Leave, such as sick, holiday, long service, study, family and
maternity leave.
Redundancy entitlements
Wages, including penalty and overtime rates
(Chapman & Malcolm, 2013)

Many employees choose working with a modern award because it

sets a minimum for pay and conditions, it covers all employees
performing a similar job and protects employees from exploitation
(Chapman & Malcolm, 2013). However there are also disadvantages
to a modern award contract such as, it being Inflexible, this is an
issue for Judd because he can be called upon to work extra hours
and different days then what he usually does and this can
sometimes effect university activities such as studying. Another
disadvantage is that modern wards prevent recognition of individual
initiative as all employees receive the same pay.
If Judd feels like the terms and conditions of his Modern Award has
been violated or his workplace rights (Fair Work Act 2009) have
been violated, such as adverse actions and unlawful discrimination
by his employee, Judd can take steps to report and resolve these
issues. To take action Judd should report to Fair Work Australia (FWA)
through Fair Work Ombudsman or, Unite (Judds Union) (Unite,
n.d.)and the issue will be investigated and resolved if needed.
(Australian Government, 2013)