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Judd Mahalo

Judd Mahalos, yearly income working as a bartender, is A$49,396

(PayScale, 2014). From the taxable income rates 2012-2013 we can
see that Judd pays A$3,572 in tax plus 32.5c for each A$1 over
A$37,000. Normally Judd is exempt from paying the Medicare levy
because he is a foreign resident (Australian Government, 2014)
however because he is a student enrolled in an Australian Institution
he is regarded as an Australian citizen and pays a Medicare levy of
Judd, like any other individual is required to lodge his online tax
return by the thirty-first of October (Australian Government, 2014).
If a tax return is lodged late Judd will most likely get a warning letter
however if Judd has more than one tax return outstanding or he has
a poor lodgement history, the Australian taxation office may inflict
penalties (Australian Government, 2015).
To get on top of paying taxes and to help with tax paying Judd is
hiring a tax accountant to help get his tax return done and lodged
properly and efficiently. A tax accountant is someone who has
studied the Australian tax laws for their profession and understands
what taxes and deductions exist and also how the Australian
taxation office operates. A good accountant will be able to:

Do all the boring work you have to complete each year

Find deductions that you properly had little knowledge about
Help you understand how to maximize finances
Help you be safe and legal working with the ATO
Teach you how to organise files for the following financial year
The use of an accountant is tax deductable for the next year.
Can save a huge amount of money
(Wilson, 2008)